Yoga for a Strong Back

Nyk Danu
Instructor Nyk Danu
Average: 4.8 (22 votes)
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In this therapeutic sequence, Nyk guides you through a variety of poses designed to help strengthen the key muscles in your back. Note: You may catch Nyk getting mixed up with the mirroring at times. What can we say? It happens to the best of us!

Equipment: Block, Blankets
Style: Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Back Care


alifrog 4 months ago

I've been doing this class once or twice a week to help strengthen my back after having a baby (he's 8 months now). It's definitely helping me cope with all the lifting and bending without getting all hard core. Thankyou!

dukegal1213 6 months ago

This class will be so good for me to come back to often to keep strengthening my back.

pdxmomra 6 months ago

Lovely mindful sequence! It felt so good to work on those small muscles that are often overlooked. Thank you Nyk.