Find Your Inner Power

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This guided meditation album helps you find your inner power with four tracks that 1) teach you to heal from within, 2) improve your immunity, 3) let go of fear and 4) release the barriers that prevent you from connecting to your own inner power.

Gilly Vanilly
October 15, 2022

I simply love your guided meditations David and always feel so energised after. So good for the soul, I thoroughly appreciate you, your site and your kindness.
Namaste, Thank you x

May 23, 2022

Very new to meditation, having thought about it for many years; to those who are well into it in the Spring and Summer of your lives, congratulations, I hope to live more consciously too. I found meditation too difficult, caught up as I was in family- & other people - related dramas, as we believe we all ought to be. But now, it's easier to find the time, after a life crisis has compelled me to make the effort. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the 30.45 mins, sped by and I managed to stay focused throughout, returning to the breath, to avoid getting too caught up in the 'movies' that pop up as Ego tries to justify its presence. Thank you David, for these guided meditations, you've so generously shared with anyone who's interested to try meditating. You're unique in what your site offers to those who also have very tight budgets, now, in comparison with emerging personalities aggressively marketing their mind control and other forms of physical mastery, as ways to live more consciously.

April 30, 2021

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful meditations
Each one has a resonance with different feelings and your voice is caressing and supportive.
One comes out of the practice feeling positive in these challenging times.
With these meditations and the yoga I have enjoyed the benefits they have provided.
They have become part of my life.