Guided Meditations for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This series of guided meditations will move you gradually through a process of turning off everything that is creating the way that you feel, then helping you induce deep relaxation, release and inner peace in order to promote profound inner change. This meditation album is a key part of our 3-week program called Yoga for Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Meditation Type: Guided Visualizations


susanmk 1 month ago

Deeply relaxing…not on top of stress and concerns but gently and intentionally sloughing them off for this moment in time. I see the prospect of getting good at this to the point of being able to summon up this consciousness and purposefully separating my mind and body from my worries for extended periods. Not working harder at this but allowing peace and gratitude to supplant worry and fear. Thank you!

jms22 11 months ago

I love these meditations and have used them for years. I often stay with one and then switch, utilizing their calming effects to start my day or to fall asleep. I find them fresh even after years of listening. Perhaps that is because the directions so completely tune me into my body, and my body is different each time I listen.
Thank you David!
Sometimes I inadvertantly touch the screen and wish I could adjust where I am during the meditation rather than start completely over. For instance just now I moved my position & in picking up my phone touched the screen & a whole new meditation started. I wish I could join back up with where I was in the meditation I was immersed in. If I have time I simply start over, trying to stay in the moment.
Thank you for these timeless meditations.

Atheness 11 months ago

Your meditations and voice are magical. So clear and honest. I am able to go deeper than I've been able to before. I am gaining an awareness of self work I still have to do, but also appreciation for the unacknowledged work that has been done. Namaste

Sanne 1 year ago

Thank you so much! Stop seaking for answers! Yes, this might be the key! But how do you actually stop??

@JernYoga 1 year ago

Thanks David! Really great, outstanding, meditation and I can compare with many, many other guided meditations. "Stop seeking answers" stuck with me. Such an important concept/thought. And thank you for DYWM!!!

Wendy Drew 2 years ago

As a follower since 2017, wherever I travel in pursuit of taking time to rest the body and seek release, those three
short audios on meditation (anxiety) make such an impression. Essentially listening to one audio helps seek calm,
and a quiet mind. The presence of your voice has been a consistent presence on long flight overseas, or simply taking
30 minutes on the couch. The benefits have brought clarity and focus to me physically ( stomach inflammation)
and mentally. It's like self help with another voice in the room. Thank you so very much.

Katsiaryna 2 years ago

I found this meditation very usefull and pain relieving, especially when it was said about forgiveness. I found out that I needed to forgive myself, my inner pain got output. I began to vet, but it was cry og relief and freedom of self-judgment. Thank you so much for this usefull tecknique and for what you do.