Guided Meditations for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

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Guided Visualizations
David Procyshyn

This series of guided meditations will move you gradually through a process of turning off everything that is creating the way that you feel, then helping you induce deep relaxation, release and inner peace in order to promote profound inner change. This meditation album is a key part of our 3-...

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Awaken the Brain
SmileMore 3 months ago

Hi David. I want to thank you for providing these wonderful meditations to help guide us in finding a quiet place within each of us. I especially like the imagery of creating pathways and "deepening the groove". I have found this to be true: the more often I meditate, the easier it becomes to sink into that deep, restorative place. I'm reading How to Sit by Thich Nhat Hanh, and it perfectly complements your meditations. He says, "In our daily lives, our attention is dispersed. Our body is in one place, our breath is ignored, and our mind is wandering. As soon as we pay attention to our breath, as we breathe in, these three things — body, breath and mind — come together." Many thanks.

Re: thank you
David Procyshyn 1 month ago

You're welcome. I love your username, SmileMore! :-)

Thank you for the candid feedback. It made me smile more too!

Take care,


I am in week 2 of the three
cjbass 4 months ago

I am in week 2 of the three-week program and am finding it very helpful in allowing myself to be where I am and feel what I feel.

Currently, what I'm feeling is a lot of pain, sadness, and grief. That raises a couple of challenges as I try to let people see me as I really am: 1) my fear that those feelings will drive people away; and 2) the reality that others sometimes try to "fix" my problems (i.e., fix me) rather than meeting me where I am. Any thoughts on this?

Re: Anxiety and Guided Meditations
David Procyshyn 4 months ago

It's great to hear that they are helping.

The meditations are designed to remove everything that your mind uses to distract yourself from feeling the stuff that hurts. And, in most cases, the anxiety is there because you have been pushing away the pain, sadness, grief and other painful feelings for a long time. It's not surprising that you don't like those feelings, but that is what is giving them power and longevity.

So, to answer your questions, 1) think about what makes you feel comfortable and safe with other people... the qualities you value in your friends. I bet that for you it's about being genuine. You desperately want that kind of connection with people. The people you love and who love you also want you to be real, to show them who you really are. Also, keep in mind that everyone else is living with their version of this stuff. No one is immune to it. And, the more you feel ok with the vulnerability of exposing your inner stuff and treat your pain with love and acceptance, the less grip it has on your life and the more you encourage others to do the same. 2) You can ask the people you share these thoughts with to just listen, rather than suggest fixes, if that's what you want. Never feel like your pain is too much for your friends and family to handle. Your job is to let go of the guilt that is associated with the burden that you see yourself putting on them.

Let me know if you have any other questions. This is a big topic and can feel like a long journey.... :-)

Take care,

DoYogaWithMe Founder

David, thank you for your
cjbass 3 months ago

David, thank you for your thoughtful reply. You hit it on the head when you talk about feeling like a burden and fearing that my pain is too much for others to handle (or too much to put up with, which is really how I feel about it). As with everything else on this journey, there are no easy answers — or at least, no easy way to carry out the answers. I keep reminding myself of what you say in the guided meditations: "Stop seeking solutions."

Thank you again for this wonderful series and the whole Do Yoga With Me website, which is truly great.

David, I am doing this as
deborahcb 4 months ago

David, I am doing this as part of your 21-day series and I'm so grateful to you for putting this in a package that gives me a clearer head with intentions to let go of the stress and anxiety I feel on a regular basis. I am carrying these meditations with me through the day, reminding myself to let go of my negative thoughts. Thank you for this journey and for helping me cultivate peace in my life.

Big smiles
David Procyshyn 4 months ago

Yes! That’s fantastic!

You put a big smile on my face thinking about you letting go of the things that are causing stress in your life. I’m so happy for you.

Stay in touch with your progress, if you like.

Take care,


These are some of the best
sbynum 6 months ago

These are some of the best meditations I've ever done. I have not felt this relaxed and centered in 6-7 years. I find myself feeling almost hypnotized by the relief I feel during the meditations. Thank you, David and all at DYWM for bringing relief to my life everyday. I enjoy the authenticity in the yoga and meditation programs so much.

Re: meditations for anxiety
David Procyshyn 6 months ago

Thank you so much! It makes me really happy knowing that you're benefiting.

All the best,


I'm a couple of weeks into
Danny3 6 months ago

I'm a couple of weeks into the chronic stress programme, and I found these meditations really powerful. I can relax in a way I've struggled to for a long time.

On the technical side, when the first two are finished, the following one gets auto-played. This makes it hard to stay in the space at the end as I have to get up to switch off the next meditation. Is this a setting that can be changed? Could they be in separate players to avoid this?