Yoga for Kids 6 to 12: Standing Poses

Beginner I
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In this yoga class for kids and families, David gets everyone using their whole body, as he moves you through a fun and challenging series of yoga poses that helps you get stronger and flexible, while inspiring your imagination and calming your nervous system! Perfect for ages 6-12, it's a nice way for families to bond and have fun together!


  • None


  • Hips
  • Vigorous/Energy
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Flexibility
  • Legs and Feet
  • Sleep/Relaxation
  • Neck/Shoulders
  • Morning
  • Lower Back


  • Yoga for Kids
April 14, 2020

Thank you David! Just wanted to let you know that my son Rufus (8 years old) was very reluctant to join me on the mat, but was heard to say "this is cool!" during the class and at the end declared that he had enjoyed it. Big thumbs up from us in the Netherlands. Tomorrow we're going to try and get Papa to join in.