Kundalini Yoga for the Heart Chakra


Kundalini yoga
Aykroyd 3 days ago

Great, the kriyias are well explained

binary 3 months ago

I love this class. The instruction is clear and heart felt. I think it would be useful to have the chants written in the description. this would enhance the practice.

I'm faking the chants I don't
unclejuice19 9 months ago

I'm faking the chants I don't understand but enjoy doing it. Thank you teacher.

I so needed this. I've been
NicRoy 9 months ago

I so needed this. I've been practicing everyday and this Program is so rewarding....I feel my heart healing.
Thank you. Sat nam.

dove411 11 months ago

I have loved every single one of your Kundalini yogas! Thank you for this gift of Kundalini

Ktrirogoff 1 year ago

More people need to try this! A very challenging mental workout when dealing with controlling ones breath. Very well guided...I really enjoyed this whole experience...I am a new believer and will be doing this more often...please keep more coming

Great Kriya! I would love
spritsong 1 year ago

Great Kriya! I would love more Kundalini yoga sessions. Thank you!

Just lovely!
Pistachio 1 year ago

Just lovely - Thankyou Dawn - really enjoyed that introduction to kundalini yoga.

Liga 1 year ago

Thank you Dawn for your beautiful classes. You are a wonderful teacher. :)

Dawn's Kundalini Classes
estherggg 1 year ago

Please, can we have more? Best kundalini classes I've ever experienced!