Jivamukti-Inspired Jam

Jonni-Lyn Friel
Instructor Jonni-Lyn Friel
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In this intermediate practice inspired by the Jivamukti yoga style, Jonni-Lyn guides you through a flow that engages your whole body, mind, and spirit. Note that while no equipment is strictly required, some practitioners may want a set of blocks to aid in some of the standing poses. Others may like a blanket on hand for savasana.

Equipment: None
Style: Jivamukti


emilybro 3 weeks ago

Hi Jonni-Lyn,

Thanks so much for this beautiful practice. What is the mantra that you say at the beginning and end of the practice? I would like to know the written version on it :)

Archana 1 week ago

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनोभवंतु ॥
lōkāḥ samastāḥ sukhinōbhavantu ॥
This phrase is from one of the Mangala Mantra Meaning: May all (samastāḥ) the worlds (lokāḥ) become (bhavantu) happy (sukhino).
This phrase is part of a prayer that may have originated from one of the Vedas- Rig Veda or Upnishad- Katha Upnishad. Both Vedas and Upnishads are ancient sscripture from Indian subcontinent. This phase may have been adopted by one of the dynasties in India as their mission statement as it has been found carved as on stones from Sangama Dynasty in 1300AD.

emilybro 1 day ago

What a beautiful mantra. I can feel the power of it during the practice.

crepuscule3142 3 weeks ago

I very much enjoyed this practice, although I do agree that the breath counts can be distracting. Great practice overall.

lmcqueen 1 month ago

Totally wonderful! I feel strong, centered and rested.

wanita 1 month ago

Lovely class, a beautiful start to a beautiful day. Thank you:)

jmitton 2 months ago

A joy to experience; hope to see more videos with Jonni-Lyn.

Jenny Claire 2 months ago

I found this a great full body opening practice after a busy week, feel renewed, stretched out and focussed. Thank you Jonni-Lyn!

Melanie Lichtinger 2 months ago

Enjoyed this style and Jonni-Lyn's instructions, esp the intention at the beginning, the chanting, the variations.
Found the breath counts a bit too fast for my breath - hmmm.
But will revisit and bookmarked.
Hari OM!