Jivamukti: Fast and Fiercer

Jonni-Lyn Friel
Instructor Jonni-Lyn Friel
Average: 4.9 (31 votes)
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Join Jonni-Lyn in this fun, challenging jivamukti-inspired flow class that includes inversions, backbends, hip-openers and more! This full body practice is a follow-up to Jonni-Lyn's popular class, Jivamukti: Fast and Fierce.

Equipment: None
Style: Jivamukti, Vinyasa/Power Yoga


OperaticErin 1 month ago

Loved loved loved this class! Not only did I break an awesome sweat, but all the shoulder work was enough to get me the closest I've come yet to headstand. This class will be one of the ones I come back to often, thank you Jonni-Lyn!

cmb 2 months ago

Jonni-Lyn has fast become my favorite instructor! Her calm demeanour, steady and transparent cueing, the subtle spirituality with a dash of good humor - just right for me. Thanks @Jonni-Lyn.

pippalotta 1 week ago

I agree completely! Have done Jonni-Lyn's classes every day this week. Nothing worse than an un-cued om that I miss out on and that never happens with this amazing cueing! Thank you Jonni-Lyn!

FairfaxYoga 6 months ago

My lower back feels amazing after this class. Thank you Jonni-Lyn. I am really enjoying getting to know your style of teaching!

memarcy 7 months ago

Love this! Short and powerful yet still left feeling very relaxed.

jmitton 8 months ago

Challenging, motivating, and so well sequenced. The time just flew by--felt really rejuvenated at the end. Hope to see more from Jonni-Lyn.