Hidden Lotus

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Tracey Noseworthy
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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This powerful vinyasa yoga class with Tracey is a playful hip opening practice, centered around the gift we give ourselves of letting go. She encourages you to dive into twists and deep hip openers while giving you the ability to see beyond the physical asana. You will detoxify and slowly peel back the layers that often hold us back. This class is categorized as advanced, but may still be accessible to intermediate students.


Tracy Always Builds My Confidence
Pam Palmer 4 months ago

Every time I complete one of Tracey's classes, I feel better, internally and externally. She slowly and deliberately takes you into the pose, getting you to places that you had know idea were accessible to you. Thank you, Tracey, for help us aging yoginis feel like we can still meet challenge with grace and success.

circelink 5 months ago

I love this class! Great pace, great attention to symmetry and staying present with the "stay for the exhale" reminders I so often need.

Lovely class - even if you can't do lotus!
Angeljaz21 5 months ago

Thank you Tracey for such a lovely class. I didn't realise this one was advanced when I chose to try it... and I can't do lotus at all... but I still really enjoyed it. My hips felt nicely stretched and my half lotus was much more comfortable by the end, which was great. :)

Lotus - floating, hidden, or
PeacefulRN 5 months ago

Lotus - floating, hidden, or otherwise! - isn't accessible to me, but I enjoyed all of the postures leading up to it. A wonderful deep stretch for the hamstrings and low back, and Tracey's perfect pacing. Thank you!

Love, love, love!
Chinacat_Moonflower 5 months ago

This was just challenging enough but not too difficult. I appreciate the work toward opening up the hips and feet to attain lotus without strain. I will come back to this one for sure!

Nice different hip openers
Margarethe 5 months ago

I'm not an advanced student. I'm glad I read Karen77 and tried the class. She's right. Good pace. The transitions are probably a bit faster than in most intermediate classes, but not to the point where I felt rushed. A few things were a challenge for me. Anything on one leg, but I loved trying it. When we got to the Lotus pose exercise I was sure I was just going to have to do it one leg at a time. I managed it though. Couldn't hold it as long as lovely Tracey, but will revisit Lotus pose and this class.

So beautiful!
Olechka 5 months ago

What a fantastic yoga sequence! Thank you so much for it! Namaste

Amazing class for opening the hips!
Riser 5 months ago

I loved this flow. Thank you Tracy!

LucyHB 5 months ago

It's so exciting to come to the site and find new classes from my favourite teachers. Tracey never lets me down and I loved this great hip-opening class! Thank you so much!

Great for the hips!
karen77ca 5 months ago

I consider myself a beginner-intermediate and I found this to be the perfect amount of challenge. My hips definitely feel more open and loose! Love it!