Get It Out!

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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Feel like letting loose a little? Letting go of frustration, anger, sadness, anxiety, stress, and any other pent-up emotions? This class helps you do just that. It begins with pranayama (deep breathing and retentions), then intense expression (lion pose plus more) and finishes with stillness and meditation to settle the energy. It will help you let go of stagnant emotion and shift the way you feel inside.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama Yoga/Pranayama Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


Helen Alford 1 year ago

I'll do this one regularly - my dogs didn't know what to make of it but it did make me feel clearer and I had a laugh while I was doing it. It's definitely important to incorporate pranayama into yoga practice, great video.

Katger Lolue 1 year ago

Was feeling very low energy today and this really helped wake me up!

SmileMore 3 years ago

David's voice is so calming and wonderful to listen to as he guides us through this class. I came to the class today feeling quite edgy and overwhelmed. But by the end, I felt open, calm yet energized. Thank you, David, for a great class and a very special website. Many thanks!

suzynhk 3 years ago

I am grateful through & through, for all the mornings I start with your guidance toward clearing & feeling vibrant, energetic, more alive! You have been my companion through these years in Korea and I feel I would not be as peaceful and healthy without you.

Fifiyogi 3 years ago

Thanks love your words about athe the end, great practice

JudithAnne 3 years ago

Great release. Very nice after a tough work week. I will do this regularly.