A Gentle Hatha Yoga Flow

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Satiya Channer
Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
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In this gentle hatha yoga class, Satiya takes you through a sequence where you are always standing. The first 7-8 minutes are spend breathing, grounding and connecting with body sensations. After that, you will flow through stretches for the neck, shoulders, spine and legs.


Super gentle class
SmileMore 1 week ago

You can roll right out of bed for this one (or into!). Very soothing. Not sure why it's listed as Pilates -- guessing it's mislabelled. Very gentle yoga practice. Many thanks, Satiya.

I don't know why this was an
Helen Alford 2 weeks ago

I don't know why this was an intermediate class but i really enjoyed it, it was great to spend time on mountain pose and I feel grounded and stretched after.

SImple and deep
naokin 2 weeks ago

Great class for tuning into breathe and grounding, thank you

mchaneymc 2 weeks ago

Exactly what I needed this morning. Thank You!

New Favorite - Bookmarked
dmintho 2 weeks ago

Loved everything about this practice.

Lovely way to wake the body up
Dusty Cobwebs 2 weeks ago

I have a new favourite way to wake my body up in the morning. Many thanks, Satiya.

Druidcat497 2 weeks ago

Amazing. Totally amazing. Much more work than it seems and my whole body feels renewed.

What a wonderful practice! So
beesknees 2 weeks ago

What a wonderful practice! So simple but not easy! Thank you for the reminder to soften through the sacrum. This was just what I needed today. Thank you, Satiya.