Slow Flow: Forgiveness Sequence

Guy Friswell
Instructor Guy Friswell
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Feeling the need to clear mental or emotional blockages? Join Guy as he guides you through nine rounds of a salutation called the forgiveness sequence. Let go of repetitive thoughts or feelings and simply sink into the rhythm and flow of breath and movement in this short hatha flow practice that requires no props.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Slow Flow, Yoga for Seniors


dk35morris 2 months ago

As a 64 year old newbie at Yoga, Guy's approach is so inspiring and informative and I love the imagination in it...just what I am looking for! Thanks!

PeacefulRN 3 months ago

4/16/21. Whoa...that was powerful! Movements felt good and after I got the rhythm of it I was able to focus on letting go of some sticky/icky feelings and to invite in a sense of freedom . Fantastic practice - bookmarking this one. Thank you Guy!

Neita 7 months ago

Wonderful ! I really appreciate all the different camera angles. That helped with figuring out the moves, especially since I had to modify the "down on your knees' part.

amandalacypaterson 9 months ago

I love this practice! I've never done that type of movement heading into cobra to "let go" and found it very energizing and even put a smile on my face. Thank you.

sng4ever 11 months ago

A lovely methodical practice. Slow and steady. I could feel the energy shifting. Thank you, Guy!

terri53226 1 year ago

I liked the concept and flow of this practice. I thought that at times, the breaths came a little too fast for me, though, especially some of the inhales. Not a problem - I will do this practice again at my own pace.

PianoWire 1 year ago

Question about forward fold: Should I keep my knees straight and let my hands dangle just below my knees, or should I squat to get my hands down to the floor?

Guy Friswell 1 year ago

In this sequence, when taking the initial forward fold, I’d suggest keeping yours legs relatively straight and only folding to an amount that’s reasonable for you ... say hands to knees or shins or just dangling. My thinking here is that since you’re coming up part way in the next breath and then getting down to the floor, getting your hands to the floor with deeply bent knees on the first fold would be a bit much. Ultimately do what feels best in your body and that allows you to flow easily from one position to the next. It should feel natural.

Olga Hebert 1 year ago

Very effective sequence. Helpful in the time of coping with a pandemic. Thank you.