Flow for the Shoulders

Hatha Yoga
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Anastasia's sweet style lends well to this gentle intermediate class. It's a seamless flow that focuses on shoulder strengtheners and stretches, while encompassing the whole body in a quick, but complete yoga class.


Well paced and grounded
Melanie Lichtinger 1 month ago

Just love Anastasia's gentle yet very clear guidance through this well paced and grounded lengthening and shoulder opening class with a few extra 'surprises', like quad stretch in the air! Thank you! Just what I needed today - and will re-visit!

myspaghettifork 3 months ago

A lovely beginner/intermediate class with my favorite floor pose :) Perfect pace of flow and very soothing yet liberating.

Beautifully clear and
Zoe Shobbrook-Fisher 10 months ago

Beautifully clear and wasteful even though very much flowing from pose to pose with some challenging ones thrown in. I felt very held and supported throughout - a real gift to myself. Thank you so much Anastasia for you lovely gentle teaching. Bless you. Namaste

More relaxation than strength
Livy-J 12 months ago

A nice sequence but definitely more of a beginner class and more relaxation than strength so the description is misleading.

This class is more beginner
jbuerger 1 year ago

This class is more beginner than intermediate. Very little strengthening, mainly stretching.

Love this class!
Triciajlewis 1 year ago

I would love more classes from Anastasia, she has a wonderful style of teaching and her 30-40 minute classes are perfect for early morning, pre-work yoga. I look forward to trying her longer classes!

Feel much better
Louise Brynteson 1 year ago

wonderful class. Perfect after the festivities of xmas. Tension in shoulders gone! Thank you.

Great class. Perfect to get
Louise Brynteson 1 year ago

Great class. Perfect to get me back into yoga after all the xmas festivities. Thank you! Tension gone.

Awesome class! I really
longc1 1 year ago

Awesome class! I really needed a shoulder opener after studying so much. I could definitely use more classes like this for study breaks.

Great class! I really enjoyed
marthamay 1 year ago

Great class! I really enjoyed it. I feel stretched and calmed and strengthened :) Thanks!!