Flow for the Shoulders

Flow for the Shoulders

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Instructor Anastasia Hangemanole
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Anastasia's sweet style lends well to this gentle intermediate class. It's a seamless flow that focuses on shoulder strengtheners and stretches, while encompassing the whole body in a quick, but complete yoga class.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Love her clear , calm instructions...
Mhare 2 months ago

Great sequence and flow. The opening mediation really set me up for the class. I will be looking for more classes by her. Thank you.

Wintertime shoulder happiness!!!
lucillestt 11 months ago

This practice could easily be named "Yoga for Shovelers"! We've already had a lot of snow this winter where I live, and this class is perfect recovery after moving around the cold stuff. Also helps that it's set on a sunny beach day :) I'm always tightest in my shoulders so I'll definitely be coming back to this one all year round. Thank you Anastasia for another sweet class!!

Six Stars Class
doktobob 1 year ago

If it would be possible to give six stars, this class would have earned it. Especially the meditation at the beginning was great! Thank you!

Shoulder gratitude

Thank you Anastasia I had really tight shoulders from too much carrying and busyness. No chance for a massage today but doing this class was the perfect alternative, thank you for helping me breath light and love into those areas of tightness. On Shanti Zoe

Well paced and grounded

Just love Anastasia's gentle yet very clear guidance through this well paced and grounded lengthening and shoulder opening class with a few extra 'surprises', like quad stretch in the air! Thank you! Just what I needed today - and will re-visit!

myspaghettifork 1 year ago

A lovely beginner/intermediate class with my favorite floor pose :) Perfect pace of flow and very soothing yet liberating.

Beautifully clear and

Beautifully clear and wasteful even though very much flowing from pose to pose with some challenging ones thrown in. I felt very held and supported throughout - a real gift to myself. Thank you so much Anastasia for you lovely gentle teaching. Bless you. Namaste

More relaxation than strength
Livy-J 2 years ago

A nice sequence but definitely more of a beginner class and more relaxation than strength so the description is misleading.

This class is more beginner
jbuerger 2 years ago

This class is more beginner than intermediate. Very little strengthening, mainly stretching.

Love this class!
Triciajlewis 2 years ago

I would love more classes from Anastasia, she has a wonderful style of teaching and her 30-40 minute classes are perfect for early morning, pre-work yoga. I look forward to trying her longer classes!