The Energy of Flight

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (42 votes)
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Fiji skillfully takes you through a vigorous yoga flow that gradually builds the strength and focus that you need to hold your body in difficult foot and arm balances, postures that make you feel like you are flying. Fiji has a special way of helping you get the confidence to do poses you may never have done before, poses that you might have thought you could never do.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


laurenalana11 3 months ago

I went to comment after completing this practice, and realized I had already done so. I am improving in my crow pose which is fun but I love the mental aspect of this practice so much - the balance between feeling secure in a base rooted down to the earth but being able to simultaneously hold a feeling of lightness in the upper parts of the body and mind. Thanks Fiji!

leelzeebub 6 months ago

This class is exactly what I needed after sitting at a desk all day and coming home not feeling 100% motivated to do yoga. I'm so glad I did. Fiji always makes it easy to listen and pay attention idk how she is so amazing at what she does. I really wish I could do a class with her in real life one day!

KrystleJane 1 year ago

I was absolutely blindsided by a terrible migraine yesterday and was hesitant to try a yoga class today. But I'm glad I did this one! Not too long, satisfying asanas, and a feeling of calm. Wonderful way to recover and feel at home in my body again.

Veggiegnome 1 year ago

My first advanced class! I really liked all the poses. Couldn't do the peak pose but had fun in crow, etc. Thank you!

xjoburg 2 years ago

Really frustrated with the buffering. DYWM needs to use a CDN to improve quality Love the classes and teachers tho!

lyd_grace 2 years ago

This class is definitely challenging but so much fun. I plan to repeat it until some of those out of reach moves are possible for me. As always, Fiji guides us gently to push our boundaries.

loriinman 3 years ago

Nearly skipped this one because the photo looked out of my range. So glad I tried it. Challenging but doable.

Sea2Sea 3 years ago

Love the class even though I couldn't do some of the poses. This class was over before I knew it. You might say that it flew by ; )
Thanks, Fiji!