Embrace Your Edge

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Embrace Your Edge

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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In this intermediate/advanced practice, Fiji invites you to embrace the presence, patience and courage required to practice on the boundaries of your comfort zone. The sequences lead you to places you may be challenged on a physical or psychological level and help you learn to soften tension to move toward growth.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


I've grown so ...
tarynchess 2 days ago

I've grown so accustomed to Fiji's teaching style that I have a difficult time getting into the same headspace with other teachers. I tried doing the 30-day-challenge class for the day, but half-way through, just was not getting into it the way I like to. So, I switched back to this class again, and I was able to do a (likely poorly-formed!) bird of paradise for the first time! Thank you for the fun challenge, Fiji!

a really nice ...
grace06 3 days ago

a really nice energetic practise
Thank you DYWM

Love these last ...
NatalieNZ 3 days ago

Love these last three shorter (but not too short), yet efficient and thorough workouts from Fiji. I just don't know how I am going to be able to keep my arms wrapped AND in-place as I set up for that bird of paradise. Always have to remind myself when I watch Fiji get that leg way up there that she*s been doing this and practicing a lot longer than me. I've learned from you guys, and I always pass it on, to do what I can and to "embrace MY edge" and not someone else's. Cheers from NZ and as always - Namaste.

A nice energetic ...
mo_ony 3 days ago

A nice energetic flow that really got the body heat going! Interesting body locks that are easier to do than they look. Jumping up into Crow pose from the plank might take some time still :D Excellent!

This class definitely ...
escontivock 3 days ago

This class definitely showed me some of my edges! Great class. I always love Fiji’s cues and packing.

I'm working on ...
mkrishock 3 days ago

I'm working on stepping outside my comfort zones, both on the mat and off. This class, along with Fiji's guidance, is helping me each and every day. Thank you. Namaste.

Love how this ...
eclare2 5 days ago

Love how this works the whole body but is a quick class for a busy day!