Elevate Day 9

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (36 votes)
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This class can be done as a stand-alone class or as day 9 in Fiji's 14-day yoga challenge, Elevate. In this class, Fiji guides you through a series of arm balances including flying pigeon, firefly, and crane, helping you learn how to move into each pose with lightness and ease through step-by-step progressions.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Leahjoojoo 7 months ago

Fantastic! Brilliant class to challenge yourself with arm balances with excellent step by step instruction and guidance on how to get into the pose. I felt I really made a step further forward today with my practice, so thank you as always Fiji x

danyoswitzer 8 months ago

2020 was a big sucker for me. Lost my job, my sense of normalcy, moved, started a new relationship, went back into therapy, it was a year, you get it! The transition into 2021 has me feeling like I can get back on top of my life! This challenge is something I really look forward to each day, and it's helping me in this slow transition into new leadership here in the US. THANK YOU ALL!

mattymarissa 11 months ago

I like how you slowly describe, piece by piece, the preparation for and position of each arm balance. Often one just gets a quick description and then one just learns by doing/watching, possibly creating a bad habit. This is the first time I have been able to hold something that actually resembles Firefly - and I feel like I will be able to recreate it later. :-)

pepelara 11 months ago

This class is not intermediate 3

Please be consistent with levels. Was looking for a workout, this is not it. At least be clear in the description

hayley Ryerson 1 year ago

Hi Fiji and fellow yogis!
I had the good fortune of doing this class first thing in the morning after a night of an online Alexander Technique class. I have a habit of clamping my jaw in arm balances or poses that challenge my strength in my flow classes. Today, I was able to keep my jaw and neck free throughout movement, allowing an easier relationship to exist between my head and my spine. This easy head-neck relationship translates directly to my back being long and wide, and my limbs...limber and available! I realised balance is not a static activity- it is an ongoing response to gravity's impulse conversing with our internal support. It is cool when we get out of the way! Thanks to Fiji for promoting these ideas with releasing the head before we take off, and inviting a moment to sense how we respond to gravity. I had so much fun with my Alexander-promoted ease meeting this incredibly supportive and propulsive class in the midst of the 14 day challenge. I wanted to say thank you for your very insightful and helpful instruction towards some play in arm balances, in the midst of our challenge! I felt so well prepared and limber from the previous days of yoga that I was poised for today's exploration.
Thanks to all the makers and shakers on this site!

Cattails 1 year ago

Ah, my elbows didn't care for the Rock and Roll forward to Crane/Firefly but I didn't do too bad with the first method. Maybe my arms move into the wrong position when I roll onto them? Don't know, but happy I can do Crane/Firefly somehow for sure. I am impressed with myself that I can actually balance my leg on my arms for Flying Pigeon. Maybe someday the leg with go back. For now, I am very happy that I can do what I can. I am amazed I made it that far! ; ) Thanks for making this fun. I love to try new stuff. It is good for someone to remind me it's for fun and not to take too seriously. I love when you said, "If you fall, you're only about a foot off the mat. ". Hee hee...very true. Thank you, Fiji. : ) Namaste

Kat Colorado 1 year ago

I managed to take off twice, for seconds only but I was actually off the earth. Rock'n'roll didn't work for me and my arms weren't strong enough yet or the last balance, but wow, this was amazing.

Tess Degen 1 year ago

Doing a Yoga challenge like this took my utmost patience and many weeks of starting either from the top or gently moving forward. my deepest gratitude to you, Fiji, for such specific cuing and sequence. I remain committed to doing the challenge a few times over to master the sequence with all its options.