Elevate Day 11

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (31 votes)
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This class can be done as a stand-alone class or as day 11 in Fiji's 14-day yoga challenge, Elevate. In this class, Fiji encourages you to bring your full awareness to a variety of dynamic poses while emphasizing length, stability and alignment. She finishes with a lovely series of passive twists.

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


popitabel 2 weeks ago

This class was lovely. It made me sweat a bit so i hope i got some of those toxins and tension out of my spine. I feel like i'm getting better at my twists especially at keeping my hips stable and high. Namaste, Fiji!

Cattails 3 months ago

I so love twists. : ) It is interesting how hard it is to actually just hold a pose a few moments over going through different poses quickly. Also interesting how it is a bit easier for me to bind with my hands over the strap. Especially when doing the reverse bind. Was hard for me to grab the strap then. Ha! : ) Good practice for me for sure to be sure I really am doing poses correctly. Thank you so much, Fiji. Namaste

Kat Colorado 4 months ago

This was an intense lesson but I was so happy to try and move into all the different poses. I loved the end with the twists on the floor.

nadonado 9 months ago

Ahhh....the twists wring out my body...sounds strange but feels good. Thank you.

sng4ever 11 months ago

A feel good practice for the body and mind. Lots of twists that Fiji walks you through mindfully / learning more about the sensations and right way to do them.

I really liked this practice as a stand alone as well as part of Elevate.

nancy g 11 months ago

Only three days to go and that worries me; I don't want it to end! What do I do next?
This challenged has helped me so much in building both strength and stamina and I want to continue moving forward.
Fiji's has designed these classes in such a way that you can only succeed.
thank you a thousand thousands

aw9918 11 months ago

A perfectly balanced class! Thank you, Fiji for the wonderful practice.

SuzyDawson 12 months ago

Just finished this fantastic class. Reallyl loved it and think my favourite so far. Fiji is an amazing instructor. Thank you