Daytime Restorative Flow

Tianne Allan
Instructor Tianne Allan
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This is such a beautiful, relaxing flow through a series of very gentle, calming restorative poses. Filmed on the beach with drifting sailboats and kayaks passing by, this class is a must! Note: You will need a bolster, a couple blankets and a block to do this class.

Equipment: Block, Bolster
Style: Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


Just what I needed this afternoon. I love the use of extra blankets where it may be necessary for each and every body.

I purchased a bolster recently and I totally get how useful it is. I also use a eye pillow when I’m on my back and really helps my mind relax. Your calming voice is a great asset to restorative yoga Tianne,

sng4ever 5 months ago

Each pose was nice however it is a "disconnected" practice and you need to pause the video or be ready with blankets, bolster, and a block before you begin. I would say these are little vinettes? Nice but disjointed. A relaxing and calming practice.

Druidcat497 1 year ago

I've never tried this before and I was a little stiff and achy when I started the class. Now my joints are relaxed and smooth and I feel as though I had the best night's sleep. Feeling wide awake and relaxed!

beth4jp 1 year ago

Healing from Adrenal Fatigue and this was wonderful. We need to rest and restore our bodies more like this everyday and unplug from our stressful world. Thank you for this.

beccawatson 4 years ago

I struggle with hyperalertness and have been told it can't be cured. However, this yoga and other restorative practices have really helped me. Thanks!

Kcaudad 5 years ago

This was basically 40 minutes of laying down with 416 posed throughout. It was not good for 'daytime' and I didn't benefit from this video.

christiankennedy 5 years ago

This was a wonderful reintroduction to restorative yoga. Tianne's voice was calming and her instruction was easy to follow. The perfect way to start my day. Looking forward to the restorative evening flow later this evening.

yogibear9000 5 years ago

Ignore the comment about transition time and her talking too much. If you need to you can always mute it or pause the video, but in truth this is a great video that needs neither muting or pausing. What it needs is you watching it. So watch it, and enjoy as you sink into space and relaxation!

Genevieve 6 years ago

I very much enjoyed this session. I've been doing restorative yoga for years and found Tianne's guidance well thought out and key to staying focused on the objective of gently releasing. Highly recommend this session to beginners and those seeking from yoga a way to bring some calmness to his/her body. Also, I found I could do the postures even with my stiff lower back. The props were very helpful. Thank you Tianne.

Christina Robohm 6 years ago

Good postures but would have liked a shorter transition time between them to stay in the moment. Also less talking while in the postures would have been appreciated so that I could hear my own body and inner truth. She was saying good things but these postures open up so much for me that I really didn't want to hear anything external.