Big Bear Hugs

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
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Satisfy your inner growl with balances, twists, hip openers, and work towards eagle leg side crow in this intermediate vinyasa flow practice with Crista. Hug it out and let it all in.

This can either be done as a stand-alone class or as Day 6 of Cultivate Your Inner Teacher 14-Day Intermediate Yoga Challenge.

Big Bear Hugs Playlist (to be played with the class)

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Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


duroc017 6 days ago

This was fun and playful, even with all those pushups. Hehe! I really enjoyed the nature sounds in the background during savasana, they reminded me of a carefree summer day and really helped me to unwind and relax at the end of the practice. I love learning new variations of crow and side crow, too!

MiTy 1 week ago

Thank you, Crista, for another great practice. Can always count on you to share a fun and unique flow with interesting transitions. I'm not always up for the peak pose but you are a treasure so I'm always happy to wait patiently wherever I can go.

tamiserene 1 week ago

thank you for continuing to provide content for more experiences members! this was the perfect blend of release and pushing some limits with balancing. such a welcomed change from formulaic yoga classes, the poses and transitions were so creative. thanks Crista and team

Emily.B. 4 weeks ago

"Think about how lovely your yoga teacher is" LOL, yes, one of the loveliest!

Leahjoojoo 1 month ago

I was so excited to see a new class from Crista so had to try it right away! Side crow eagle legs was a bit far for me but I enjoyed getting as close to it as I could, then I just did a normal crow. Absolutely love how Crista closes her classes, with the big sighs and relax, relax, reeeeelax.... ooh yeah it makes me so happy! Thanks Crista xx

turnerck 1 month ago

Namaste Crista! This was another lovely, unique class. Side crow (which I’ve never done before) felt effortless how you guided the flow right into it! I love how you close with a chant, and the new option of playlists to go with the class is great too.

Pamelalee 1 month ago

Thank you for the fun and unique practice. The singing birds are lovely too.

SamanthaB 1 month ago

Thank you so much for this amazing class Crista! Also, thank you for sharing your voice of an angel at the end =D I love getting to the end of your classes and receiving this surprise gift.

cirvine06 1 month ago

Such unique transitions with clear and easy-to-follow directions!! Thank you