Bedtime Vinyasa Yoga

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

If you sometimes struggle with sleep and feel like the best thing you can do is a yoga class that helps you release excess energy and tension, Tracey's here to help. She slows the pace a bit, compared to other classes, and helps you prepare for bedtime with an intermediate flow, followed by a series of restorative poses that lead you seamlessly into savasana.


Favourite bedtime flow
Helen Alford 1 month ago

I love the feeling at the end of this when you find yourself back in heroes pose and its such a peaceful flow. And no excuse for being short of time!

Loved it!
Archstrong 1 month ago

This site, and especially this video, are perfect for when you are on the road/in a hotel room. It helps keep you practicing and unwind from a long day. Highly recommend! Thank you!

Beautiful bedtime flow
mealybugs 1 month ago

I've just joined do yoga with me and this was the first class I tried. I loved it, a perfect flow
to ease my day away and settle for bed. Thank you Tracey.

Great class! Enough movement
thekchog palma 4 months ago

Great class! Enough movement to get stagnant energy flowing but also relaxing and calming. Thanks, Tracey!

AM Practice
laurenk723 5 months ago

I actually enjoyed this very much for my morning practice! Unique poses that were gentle, yet the flow was still invigorating. Love!

Easy bedtime yoga routine
Coletini 5 months ago

Just did this class for the first time tonight in my hotel room while traveling for work. Very simple practice to do when getting ready for bed. Highly recommend!

I love the flow of this
margotkeyes 5 months ago

I love the flow of this vinyasa, it is intermediate but very doable for a beginner who wants to challenge themselves a touch. Thank you Tracey!

feeling ept
mollybmoon 5 months ago

That was fun! I felt relaxed and competent the whole time. Thank you, Tracy Noseworthy, for becoming who you are: a great teacher.

Beautiful Flow
mrswright2015 5 months ago

This was a fantastic beginning to my traditionally gentle Saturday nights, where I normally do only yin and/or restorative classes. I think I will add this in occasionally to work all the jitters out.

My only concern with this class is that not all of the transitions are clearly explained. I'm specifically talking about the transition to gate pose. I had to just stop and look at the video in order to understand what Tracey was talking about. That aside, a lovely, lovely flow. Thank you, as usual, team!