Bedtime Lullaby

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Get ready for rest with this sweet and nurturing gentle yoga class. Through breathwork, gentle stretching and mild flows, this class helps you to calm your nervous system and prepare your body for a good night’s sleep.

Equipment: Block, Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


SH 1 year ago

So relaxing, prepares you for bed, it really does.

Melekeda 1 year ago

hey there i watched all but all the sleep aid videos on internet and this is the best!

jillyfal 1 year ago

Thank you for the wonderful nightime yoga practice. I am so relaxed now!

Sarah G 1 year ago

Yoga for when you are freaking right on out and need someone to help you find your parasympathetic nervous system. Thank you and Namaste Rachel!

ejanedelong 1 year ago

I did this class in the morning after several days of stress. It was just the right balance of gentle movement and stretch and left me feeling calmer and ready for my day :-)

Rachel, Thank you for this full body relaxing class with bedtime cues. The class relaxed my whole body and had some wonderful stretches such as the finger stand cobra with shoulder dips. Wow! This is one that I haven't done in a long time and it felt great. I am a big fan of "bedtime" classes that give some nice activity, but in a soothing and relaxing way and this class was perfect. You make a real positive difference in my life and for that I am grateful.

mollybmoon 1 year ago

Aaah! After taking a command three-week hiatus from 15 years of yoga several times a week, the time felt right to try again. I am 65 now, and I have arthritis as well as scoliosis, but this gentle and lighthearted session left me feeling deliciousl
Thank you Rachel Scott!
Molly B. Moon

acuddy 1 year ago

Wow - I found this class to be so relaxing and soothing; like as a warm bath!