Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary Series

Jeff Lichty
Instructor Jeff Lichty
Average: 4.9 (31 votes)
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For those who have never done ashtanga yoga or have only done Jeff's series of three beginner ashtanga yoga videos, this class is very challenging. It moves at a quick pace, flows through many advanced yoga poses and is meant for students who have previously practiced the half or full ashtanga yoga primary series. For those who have, this class, skillfully lead by Jeff Lichty, will help you move through the sequence without needing to remember what comes next.

Equipment: None
Style: Ashtanga Yoga


bnick 3 years ago

Did the beginner classes first with Jeff then recently decided to give this advanced class a try. First full Ashtanga class, it was
challenging even with my many years of yoga experience. Totally loved this style of teaching and practice( even though I had to modify some of the asanas). Felt great to try something new! Please bring more classes to the website.

nophry 3 years ago

Amazing teaching, paste and explaining
very challenging, just beautiful!
more of Jeff please :)

nophry 3 years ago

what an amazing practice, challenging and yet not compromising on breath and posture, more of these, please!

LReyle 3 years ago

This is my first Ashtanga class (other than Jeff's earlier beginner classes), but I generally consider myself an advanced Vinyasa yogi. This class made me feel like I had explored my whole body. It felt like an adventure despite the formulaic nature of Ashtanga. I will come back to this class soon for another adventure.

emhenry 3 years ago

"And we'll skip a vinyasa here" I swear there is no sweeter expression in the english language! Thank you for an excellent class. I am practicing Ashtanga as part of my YTT and this is just perfect. As ever, DYWM, thank you for another great offering!