Ashtanga Yoga: Fundamental Asanas

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Jeff Lichty
Ashtanga Yoga
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This is the 3rd in Jeff's 3-part series on ashtanga yoga for beginners. In this class, he takes you through a quicker version of surya namaskar a and b (sun salutations a and b), then through a sequence that teaches you the fundamental asanas (poses) in ashtanga yoga. Jeff's pacing and clear instruction allows this class to be accessible to anyone, regardless of your experience or level of practice.


This is not a beginner's
lmurphorama 2 months ago

This is not a beginner's class! Full Lotus? Seriously? Thought this guy was a show off, and did not explain postures well at all. No modifications. Turned it off after the lotus thing.

David Procyshyn 2 months ago

Thanks for the feedback. It's considered beginner because for each challenging pose, Jeff gives one or more easier modifications. For lotus, he takes you through a number of options before going into full lotus, making it accessible to all levels.

Thank you
Arctica 2 months ago

Thank you so much Jeff! It was great, loved it!

Wonderful flow, thank you for
Anny 2 months ago

Wonderful flow, thank you for sharing.

This is such a lovely video,
Jacqueline01 2 months ago

This is such a lovely video, so humbly presented. Thank you Jeff for this peaceful flow.

Pretty Good
MollyFr 2 months ago

I really enjoyed the video, but I had to watch it twice. The speed was fine, but sometimes I'd get confused about what was happening because he was using the names of poses without really describing them (which is tough for beginners who don't know names well yet). I ended up having to stop and look at him instead of just flowing through the poses, but once I got them, it was great, and the series is definitely something I will do again.

Sanskrit names
David Procyshyn 2 months ago

Yes, good point. The approach of an ashtanga teacher can feel quite different, due to the emphasis on the sanskrit pose names and the quicker sequencing. I'm glad you got it in the end!