Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners: Surya Namaskar A

Jeff Lichty
Instructor Jeff Lichty
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This is the first of three classes that introduce the ashtanga yoga system to someone who is new to it. In this class, Jeff takes you through surya namaskar a, which is the one of the fundamental sequences that you will be practicing, regardless your level. Jeff's pacing, clarity and patience make this a great class for those wanting to learn the ashtanga yoga basics.

Equipment: None
Style: Ashtanga Yoga


Luisca 1 year ago

This was enjoyable and exactly what I needed

I needed a very slow, very detailed video. Thank you, I will continue learning with you

uberyha 1 year ago

Truly a beginner’s class/introduction. I was really exhausted standing in dog pose while Jeff to explains all the alternate forms of the pose, did not get much exercise with this video. Plentiful explanation and philosophy, I appreciate his use of sanskrit. A helpful orientation for beginners to get oriented to the Namaskara (mountain-plank-chataronga- downward dog etc) I would recommend Jeff’s Asana class for a more traditional flow.

Kiwifruit 1 year ago

An awesome addition would be quick links to related classes- maybe a side bar with the 2nd and 3rd video in the series for example. Maybe there is an option for that already that I'm missing! I just find it hard at times to find the next class. Anyway, really nice class thanks :)

fred_stone 3 years ago

That was really enjoyable, challenging in places, and a really good mix of movement with breath, and details. Looking forward very much to tomorrow's session. Thanks!

Great addition to the team. Enjoying this series. Jeff is easy to follow and understand. I’d describe his vibe as being like a great cup of coffee.

spamelson 3 years ago

So excited to see Ashtanga classes on Do Yoga with Me!
Very much looking forward to working my way through all of Jeff and Jenni's videos! I have not been practicing for a little while, so this video was an excellent way to shake off the cobwebs. :)

EspressoM 3 years ago

Thank you for this accessible, non-intimidating introduction to ashtanga.

SueAdds 3 years ago

This was a great beginner class!
Spine stretched and feeling taller today!