The Four A's of Healing

The Four A's of Healing

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Instructor Nicky Jones
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In this meditation practice you'll be skilfully guided to bring in awareness, acknowledgement, allowance and acceptance to all layers of yourself as a gentle way to elicit deep healing.

Style: Yoga Therapy


Kindness Accepted
unclejuice19 2 months ago

Thank you for the gentle reminder that I control my kindness. It certainly helps to have you on my side though. I'll return for your input and your guidance.

Welcome back!
joelesala 2 months ago

Thank you, Nicky for this new practice! Your classes have been such a gift to me that I return to time and again. I hope there are still more to come.

Extraordinarily Peaceful
krsagrawal 2 months ago

Although not a physical yoga practice, it helped my mind, body, and spirit feel lighter and more at peace with one another. Very helpful for my anxiety. Nicky's voice was less playful and more serene than usual, which was a great fit for this meditation. The gentle guidance of breath and focused scans were easy to follow and great for an overall sense of wellness.