Chakra Healing Meditations

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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These three guided chakra meditations are designed to help you experience the energy of the chakras and heal the built-up tension around them. David uses yoga nidra and deep relaxation techniques to induce a state of mind that is calm and quiet, then guides you through the chakras in a way that feels easy and natural. Accessible to anyone regardless of age or experience, these 3 chakra meditations are very effective, and have the ability to make you feel light, spacious and grounded.


Charliebee 1 month ago

Loved this after my yoga practice, may have drifted off a bit :)

onyxc 1 month ago

These are my go-to. The most powerful meditations that I've come across. I come back time and time again. Namaste.

Ycswid 1 year ago

I have the free membership but do not know how to utilize the site well. Is this a paid subscriber only practice?

Kelly Bouchard 1 year ago


This is Kelly from DoYogaWithMe. Unfortunately, yes, these meditations are for subscribers only. Some of our classes, programs, and meditations are for folks who pay a monthly or annual fee, but the majority (about 65%) of our content is absolutely free. As the holder of a free membership, you can access anything on the site that is NOT marked with an orange and white plus symbol. So, for example, if you go to the top of the page, click on "Practice", and select "Classes" from the drop down menu, you will be taken to a page where you can scroll through ALL of our available classes. You will see a bunch of rows of images, one for each class. Those images with an orange and white plus symbol in the top right hand corner are for subscribers only, but those without such a symbol are for anyone and you are free to access them. At present, we have 421 free videos that anyone can watch, plus a lot of meditations, so there should be plenty of options for you to check out!
I hope this helps! Welcome to the site!

bnick 1 year ago

Sadly I couldn’t get this to play either

Kelly Bouchard 1 year ago


Really sorry you're having trouble! I'm not currently seeing any problems from our end, but I am going to reach out to your privately to see if we can't resolve this together!

Kelly, DoYogaWithMe

Jayney141 1 year ago

Sadly I can't get the first 2 guided meditations to play. I enjoyed the 3rd one but I would like to work with the others too.

Kelly Bouchard 1 year ago


Terribly sorry we didn't get back to you on this sooner! I am not currently seeing any problems with the page but I am going to reach out to your privately to see if we can figure this out together!

Kelly, DoYogaWithMe