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This short therapeutic sequence isolates the outer hips, hip flexors and quadriceps to improve their flexibility and help counteract the effects of chronic sitting. With regular use, musicians, office workers, dentists and dental hygienists will find ease in their body at work and at home. Yoga practitioners will also find that these exercises will quickly improve their flexibility in their asana practice.


Thank you for offering this
Toni_S 7 months ago

Thank you for offering this sequence. In my opinion, it is NOT for beginners. I have limited range of motion and my hips are very tight. Working with a chair was extremely awkward.

Thank You For Making It Simple
Viagradoc 9 months ago

After watching this I would recommend this to my wife. Just bookmarked this will link for my wife. Thanks again for sharing it.
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A marathoners thanks
RunBabyRun 10 months ago

Erica, this short yoga session is helping me get through my training for my first marathon (at the age of 52). I have been doing this session after my long runs and it provides relief for my tired legs and cranky hips in the short amount of time I can muster for another physical activity. One month to go! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

glad to hear it!
Erica Fritch 10 months ago

Hi RunBabyRun,
I'm glad to hear that these hip stretches are working for you and helping, and very glad to hear that you are balancing your training out with some yoga! Marathons are pretty intense, demanding challenges, and the training can really take a toll. Keep up the self-care and undoing the tightening up that so much running does. I'd also add a good dose of restorative yoga (legs up the wall pose would be perfect) to help restore everything and allow your muscles to relax and unwind. Heavy workouts can help our brains de-stress, but our muscles need to have a chance, too!

I am a cancer patient
j121walker 11 months ago

I am a cancer patient suffering from the last 6 months. It is hard for me to believe that after few months or years i can survive or not. I read article aboutYoga Benefits over breast cancer, so i want that yoga has same benefits in my condition or not.

Hi j121walker,
Erica Fritch 10 months ago

Hi j121walker,
There are some forms of yoga specifically designed to help people through their cancer experience. It tends to be gentle (especially when people are going through chemotherapy and other intense, draining processes) and very much focused on meditation. I suggest seeking out some of these forms of yoga to help you.
As for this practice, if you are going to use it, go very slowly and focus your awareness and attention on what's happening in your body and your mind both during and after a session.
Good luck with getting through this challenge. I know it is an intense and difficult one.

It looks to be the pretty
fuzzytop130 1 year ago

It looks to be the pretty simpler yoga therapy to get yourself into shape. The bulky hip and thies really are the big problem for women like me these day. Bundle of thanks for this informative video.

Afraid my hips would never stretch again!
cherie.holmes 1 year ago

Thank you Erica - These stretches and your modifications from other peoples comments helped believe I can stretch again and not
be afraid to do so .

I'm glad to hear it, Cherie!
Erica Fritch 1 year ago

I'm glad to hear it, Cherie! It's amazing what the human body can do, what it can come back from, and how much it loves to move. Keep it up, and I'm sure you'll be back to fuller range of motion soon.