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This short therapeutic sequence isolates the outer hips, hip flexors and quadriceps to improve their flexibility and help counteract the effects of chronic sitting. With regular use, musicians, office workers, dentists and dental hygienists will find ease in their body at work and at home. Yoga practitioners will also find that these exercises will quickly improve their flexibility in their asana practice.


I am a cancer patient
j121walker 1 week ago

I am a cancer patient suffering from the last 6 months. It is hard for me to believe that after few months or years i can survive or not. I read article aboutYoga Benefits over breast cancer, so i want that yoga has same benefits in my condition or not.

It looks to be the pretty
fuzzytop130 6 months ago

It looks to be the pretty simpler yoga therapy to get yourself into shape. The bulky hip and thies really are the big problem for women like me these day. Bundle of thanks for this informative video.

Afraid my hips would never stretch again!
I'm glad to hear it, Cherie!
Erica Fritch 6 months ago

I'm glad to hear it, Cherie! It's amazing what the human body can do, what it can come back from, and how much it loves to move. Keep it up, and I'm sure you'll be back to fuller range of motion soon.

ckait305 1 year ago

Can this be done during pregnancy? Should there be any modifications.

yes - with caution
Erica Fritch 1 month ago

Hi ckait305,
Yes, these can be done during pregnancy, and the help and height of the chair can be hugely beneficial for when your body gets bigger and less agile. The caution I add is that during pregnancy, with the extra relaxin hormones, don't go too deep. The chair can help you get deeper into a pose when you are ready for it, but during pregnancy is not a time to be working on getting deeper and deeper stretches. The hormone changes makes it hard to gauge, and some extra mindfulness needs to be given to your regular limits.

I love this class! Perfect
AmandaMitnick 1 year ago

I love this class! Perfect for getting some movement into my aggravatingly tight hips!

thanks for the reminder
Erica Fritch 1 year ago

Hi Amanda,
I'm glad this class hits the spot for you. It's one of my favourite sets of excersizes to do, and I have not been doing it very often lately. I'll take a note from you and get my chair back out!

Hips Closed for Buisness
Lolala 2 years ago

My hips are so closed that I can't get my shin anywhere near the chair in the final pose. Can you suggest any modifications to the Pigeon pose so that I can start getting the benefits of the stretch?


Hi Lolala,
Erica Fritch 2 years ago

Hi Lolala,
oh, I can relate to closed hips. Pigeon pose has dozens of modifications you can use - I have a section in my yoga therapy training on this specific question!
The good old reliable variation is to come onto your back and do a Figure Four stretch, keeping your foot flexed. You can keep your other foot on the ground until you are ready to interlace your fingers behind your thigh and bring both legs toward your chest.
You can do the same thing we do in this video, but on a desk or table instead of a chair - this takes the intensity out of the back leg, especially, and allows for a more gradual ease into the pose. As you open up, you can step your standing leg back, a little at a time, and eventually start to bend that knee. You will work your way into being able to use the chair as in the video.
And, you can always sit on your chair and bring you leg into the same Figure Four position as on your back. With your foot flexed, you can gently press your knee down toward the floor. THis is a great way to do it, as it building in the stability of having square hips, since neither of them will lower away from a square position.

I hope that helps! Keep practicing. Those hips will open up for you soon.