Yoga for Seniors: Hips, Knees and Feet

Yoga for Seniors
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Michelle takes you through an invigorating sequence of strengthening and stretching exercises for the hips, knees and ankles - all done in a chair! It's a great class for seniors or for anyone with limited mobility. Filmed in beautiful Victoria, you'll thoroughly enjoy being a part of this class!


Maybe, as a newbie, I have
Thisni Caza 11 months ago

Maybe, as a newbie, I have the wrong idea of yoga...I thought this class moved way too fast. I felt more like I was doing calisthenics than yoga. The movements and stretches, I'm sure, were effective, but I'm more used to deliberately moving into a stretch, holding, relaxing, breathing, ETC. I may try the class again, as I can't lay down on the floor, so the seated movements are good for me, but will do slower, more deliberate movements, maybe half-time. I do appreciate this site so much, and the class.

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Acu 1 year ago

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Hi! Question for you. I'm 17
dreadhead132 2 years ago

Hi! Question for you. I'm 17 years old, and my mother is 63. I've been looking for some yoga we can do together because I have anxiety (it helps TREMENDOUSLY!) and her doctor is wanting to loose weight (she also has back pain that I KNOW yoga will help with). Would you recommend any senior videos that are a little more active, but not too much getting on the floor bending and such?

Good for an injured upper body!
jennydyring 2 years ago

I'm no senior (yet!), but I do have a dislocated shoulder and was getting frustrated I could not do any yoga. But this class was ideal to keep the lower body a little flexible whilst still protecting my poor shoulder in a sling. thanks Michelle, I'll definitely bookmark this one.

Iyengar Class
David Procyshyn 6 years ago

Hi jayjoshi. Thanks for letting us know. Our intention is to have Iyengar classes available sometime soon, but we don't presently have one in the works. I'll put a post up when we have one coming!