Yoga for Digestion: Quickie

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This class can be done anytime during the day and is particularly effective just before a meal. If you have digestive problems, doing this class, along with the full class, on a regular basis will help aid digestion and help heal the digestive organs that are working so hard after you eat.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress, Yoga for Back Care


susM53 4 years ago

Thank you David for this video. I've just gone through it once and already feel new vitality in my abdominal region. Thank you also for the clear instructions. I'm always a bit weary of doing abdominal breathing aware that it's easy to do damage (this may be an irrational fear). I'm look forward to your longer video. Namaste.

fmakomolede 4 years ago

I used this practice to help relieve some stomach cramps, and I definitely feel much better. Thank you for the lovely practice.

frogmonkey 4 years ago

Although I found some of the stomach exercises a bit difficult, I feel so much better. My guts have not been happy with me after my gluttonous holiday eating, but I think I've just made them a little bit happier!

kmhooks 4 years ago

I had a big breakfast and wanted to try this a few hours afterwards. Right after completing this, my stomach won't stop making noises. It must be thanking me for doing this! :)

Yolly 4 years ago

I loved how this video/practice had such a specific purpose AND it still made me feel the awesome "after yoga" peace.

anasalvador25 4 years ago

Really do feel a difference on my stomach - it felt so heavy after lunch thou after this practice I feel lighter, Thank you!

machine 6 years ago

Enjoyed this, will let you know any improvement after a week at work and practising this. Thanks

Dar4 6 years ago

This was a great sequence. Good instructions on breathing exercises. Really enjoyed this just before dinner. Hope it helps!!

xkels81 6 years ago

I'm taking quite a while to recover from an e-coli infection. This video was very relaxing and calming to my irritated gut. Thank you!