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This yoga class focuses on one of the most important joints in your body... your knees. Michelle guides you through a series for stabilizing, stretching, strengthening and maintaining your knees so you can keep doing your favorite activities such as running, skiing, board-spots, running etc.... until the end of your days!


Quickie and Goodie!
ureyemi79 1 month ago

Love this short but effective Yoga For Runners! It is my go to video when I'm either short on time, attention span, or motivation.

Good lord this is amazing for
owlglass 7 months ago

Good lord this is amazing for tight legs. Every time I do this I'm amazed at how good it feels.

Quick and Easy
mlbruno93 1 year ago

Good post-run class. I wish it was a bit longer but other than that it is perfect!

Great for knee pain
sivall 1 year ago

I often do this quick and easy session to help ease chronic knee pain session. Thanks!

Fixed minor knee pain
Kaoya 2 years ago

To all fellow yogis/runners :

I've been suffering from minor after-run knee pain for the last couple months, and found out that doing systematically this class right after my run (and before stretching) makes the pain go away.

So thank you soooo much Michelle, you're a knee-saver :-)

PS: I'm still a student and my budget is so tight that donating right now is out of my possibilities, but be sure that after I graduate next year, one portion of my first paycheck will help support free yoga! You guys have done so much for me in termps of reconnecting with me body, learning to take care of myself etc. Thank you VERY much :-)

Quick fix!
Ktgirl 3 years ago

I only had 10 minutes before work and with this video I could get a quick fix of stretching and strengthening this morning! I enjoy working on balance and I'm a runner so anything to strengthen those muscles and joints is a bonus! Thank you!!

Great for Skiers
Madeleine 4 years ago

I ski a lot in the winter and this class feels like it really strengthens the legs, particularly the knee joints.