Take A Break From Your Day

Sarah Holmes de Castro
Instructor Sarah Holmes de Castro
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Sarah's version of a mid-day break will help you not only stretch, but slow down, calm your mind and take a short rest. It's easy to follow Sarah's guidance so you don't even have to think, which allows you to let go and experience how you feel and how you can feel better. If you don't have a bolster, learn how to make a bolster at home.

Equipment: Block, Bolster
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


lorigreer 10 months ago

A refreshing break that allowed me to re-center during my busy day, Thank you!

sng4ever 10 months ago

Lovely little practice to break up the day! Also wonderful in lieu of meditation.

rachelcoggs 1 year ago

You have such a relaxing voice and loved the slow gentle practice that helped calm an emotional day thank you Sarah

I only had about 15 minutes in the middle of a stressful day and this was exactly what I needed. Just a short little class to release tension and relax. I loved when she said during shavasana that it was a little window in the day to just rest and breathe. Perfect!

GlassBeach 1 year ago

Exactly, that hit me when she said that. A window in the day to just be.