Spinal Strength and Flexibility

Tianne Allan
Instructor Tianne Allan
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Spinal health is vital to the health of your whole body. This beginner class with Tianne will help strengthen and lengthen your spine, as well as increase spinal flexibility. The slow but deep practice focuses on both gentle and dynamic back strengthening poses, moving with deep breath awareness and completing with a restorative, healing savasana.

Equipment: Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Slow Flow, Yoga for Back Care


MaryRose Metcalfe 1 month ago

This will be another bookmark practice for me...oh I have so many bookmarks now.
Thanks for the peaceful but slightly challenging practice.

Jeanette 3 months ago

Enjoyed your class with a different take on some of the poses. Thanks, will certainly do it again...

lisaw3030@gmail.com 7 months ago

Lovely class. I've been away a while and am nursing a shoulder injury so this was a lovely first class back. Gentle but challenging at the same time. Thank you. 1

trude59 7 months ago

Thank you so much for this class. This is how I teach. So happy to know that it is called slow flow. ❤️

MaryRose Metcalfe 8 months ago

After a two week driving trip, this class was perfect to get me back into my practice. I love use of blankets that you provide Tianna.

Zion*20! 8 months ago

Beautiful class for my first adventure into online Yoga.

Bend4kc 8 months ago

Just as described. Felt I was able to get the full benefits without strain. I’ll be revisiting this again. Thank you!