Shoulders and Fun

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Instructor Crista Shillington
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Even though Crista targets the shoulders in this fun power yoga flow, her unique, creative style still gives you a full body experience. She works your shoulders in poses such as plank and dolphin while opening up your body in big ways through deep backbends, delicious hip and hamstring openers and poses that release the upper and lower back.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Pincha perfect...
Irishlove 8 months ago

I really loved this practice and found it to be an advanced intermediate to beginning advanced practice with Pincha Mayurasana and Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana, both of which I find exhilarating to get into. The opening is well worth it! I would even suggest that those who are a wee bit hesitant to do Pincha in the middle of the room, do their practice near a wall as that can dramatically influence your confidence! Thank you very much for this lovely practice. Namaste from Ireland.

Crista fun and challenging
nadomom 10 months ago

Another enjoyable class. Crista makes challenging poses fun. Love the pace and creativity.

Just lovely
jemusto 1 year ago

Great combination of challenge and enjoyment!

Fantastic class for shoulders, hips and core!
LucyHB 1 year ago

I used to really dislike classes that focused on shoulders (probably because I actually needed to work on this area!) but now really like them, I enjoy the stretch in the upper back where I hold a lot of tension. I don't think I've done this class before, but after doing some of Fiji's shoulder stand classes I was keen to try this one (and I love all Crista's classes so I was sure I'd enjoy it). It was great, I loved the core work and the hip openers and, while I can't hop into shoulder stand yet, it doesn't feel impossible and it's fun to try :-) Thank you Crista, for another great class!

Another favourite class from
lovedrumtalk 1 year ago

Another favourite class from Christy!! Very nice stretches and innovative flows into twists! Always love her classes. Thank you so much Christy!

A new favourite
HeatherSue 1 year ago

I think this is my new favourite Christa class ! I really loved the focus on forearm asanas and building shoulder strength. Also, listening to the ocean waves during savasana was simply blissful :)

As always a fun class and I
lpyles 1 year ago

As always a fun class and I love your encouragement throughout! Really enjoyed the forearm balances.

I really enjoyed this class
glcoops 1 year ago

I really enjoyed this class so much that I downloaded it to take with me as I travel a lot with mu job - but there is no audio on the downloaded video. Can you help? Thank you :-)

Shoulders, fun and more!
Kiratee 1 year ago

Lovely, creative class, as usual. Love love love your creativity - I always marvel at how fast your classes go. Beautiful class, stunning scenery. Thank you Crista and thank you DYWM <3

Enjoy the variety!
Sea2Sea 2 years ago

I really enjoyed doing some poses that were different from the ones I've been doing lately. The flow was great! I had to look at the screen a couple of times to make sure I was doing it right, but I wouldn't have had to do that if I had previewed beforehand. Her positivity is refreshing! I look forward to doing this class again. Thank you!