Rhythm and Routine

Rhythm and Routine

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This intermediate practice flows through familiar sequences that allow the mind and body to synchronize into a harmonized rhythm. We are reminded that the mind often leans into a routine as a source of comfort and determination.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Great routine to ...
AshAnanda 18 hours ago

Great routine to try if you need to fit yoga into your day, but you're not 100% feeling like it. Just throw this one on and show up on your mat!

I really liked ...
phung 1 day ago

I really liked this, even with modifying the planks to my knees.

I made a ...
pvetsen 1 day ago

I made a potent connection between the idea of routine on a larger scale and routine in rhythmic breath during this class. It was a beautifully grounding practice, thanks as always Fiji.

Great flow and ...
Vict2Sea 2 days ago

Great flow and overall good workout!

This is a ...
colver 4 days ago

This is a wonderful practice with perfect amounts of exertion, rhythm, instruction, and stretching. Helps my digestion!

This helps my digestion and really loosens me up!
colver 4 days ago

I have moderate stomach issues, and this helps get me going in the morning and get my GI tract going. It is intense enough to get me warm, but not overexerting. I love her voice and her instructions and timing are really good!

Short and sweet
nadomom 5 days ago

Love Fiji's classes, firm and strong. The flow is so smooth I hardly notice I'm moving, just breathing. Ahh....nice.