Rhythm and Routine

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This intermediate practice flows through familiar sequences that allow the mind and body to synchronize into a harmonized rhythm. We are reminded that the mind often leans into a routine as a source of comfort and determination.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


comfort and empowerment ...
ag329 3 weeks ago

...at the same time. (And a bit of heat too!)
Loved the "lean" toward the end of class. Always find it interesting how a subtle move can have a big effect.
Thank you. :)

This class was ...
Petrichor Wolf 1 month ago

This class was harder than expected, but I loved it anyway. I will practice more on my strenght and rhythm.

I needed this ...
dalejrfansm 1 month ago

I needed this energizing flow today. I love Fiji's classes!

Short and Intense..got ...
solaramy-yoga 1 month ago

Short and Intense..got my heart beating. Will do it again!

I love Fiji's ...
joaniem1 1 month ago

I love Fiji's pace and ability to be right on the mat with you. I have loved her classes for a while now and she continues to surprise me.

This energizing practice ...
LLove 1 month ago

This energizing practice has me thinking about the importance of rhythm and routine to our well being, and how it can be something as simple and powerful as bringing awareness to the breath. Thank you!

Good rhythm
jerridot 1 month ago

Loved the aspect of the rhythm of our breath and applying it to everyday life.