Rhythm and Routine

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.8 (334 votes)
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This intermediate practice flows through familiar sequences that allow the mind and body to synchronize into a harmonized rhythm. We are reminded that the mind often leans into a routine as a source of comfort and determination.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


wanita 4 months ago

Another great class from Fiji. Perfect amount of time to be on the mat being setting off to work. Thank you :)

Rbreid73 6 months ago

Such a great class Fiji - love the way you've broken down the sequence into a few routines that help build rhythm and deepen into the poses through familiarity . For a 24 minute practice, this was just what i needed before a day on trains on business to London & back!

FrannyJ1 7 months ago

Perfect morning yoga for me - got my breath and body in rhythm for the day!

sng4ever 8 months ago

This was a comforting practice. It built a little heat which was nice too.

Fiji is always a great teacher and this is another practice that won't disappoint.

nadonado 10 months ago

Another excellent short class, thank you Fiji and DYWM. The pace matches breathing perfectly, I feel so calm.

kaigh_guy 10 months ago

When I tried to do the Crow pose I think we crossed out of intermediate, but Iam only a beginner, so what do I know. What I do know is this was INCREDIBLE. Fiji, you did it again!

nicmitch 10 months ago

This was an all-around short and sweet session! If I only have a small amount of time for a practice one day, I'll go back to this one.