Pilates Fundamentals: The Five Principles

Kim Wilson
Instructor Kim Wilson
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Kim has a beautiful way of clearly describing the five principles of pilates. In this class she will take you through each one, teaching you how to incorporate each into your life and showing an exercise you can do to practice them and strengthen the key core muscles.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Pilates, Yoga for Back Care


dukegal1213 4 months ago

This was tremendously helpful and something I'll carry with me in my yoga practice! Kim did a great job of explaining the importance of all of the principles.

jasfoo 5 months ago

I came to this class after a similar class by Kathi, looking for more. Kim look slightly uncomfortable under the awesome sun. Otherwise, her explanations are great.

jasfoo 5 months ago

I tend to strain my neck while doing crunches and pilates hundreds, her explanations on the neck solved my problem.

danielasea 10 months ago

This really helped me to understand these principles. Thank you!

cali27ryan 3 years ago

Wow, this really is the best video on the 5 principles. I've never had them explained so thoroughly and to really understand what each one does and how to do them. I won't lie, they feel strange and I found them quite taxing, only because I'm not used to doing them and it feels unfamiliar. And I don't know how long I'll be doing these until they feel more natural. However, this is a great video explaining them so sending a huge thank you!

annedyne 4 years ago

This may be the best video describing pilates core muscle activation I've ever seen. I've read a lot of books and taken classes, and never has it been explained so precisely with easy instructions on how to activate the right muscles in any position.

I had spinal fusion surgery years ago and though my back is pretty sound, it is sensitive and if I'm not careful to protect it while I work out - and ESPECIALLY in yoga -- it immediately starts pinging and pinching nerves. When I use what was explained in this video, my back is quite happy. I'll be sure to come back to this one periodically to remind myself of how I should be doing it.

Gryogi 4 years ago

Thank you Kim, this is great! I feel a new body awareness in my shoulder, back, neck and tummy, which I think was missing in my yoga practice! Please, do more videos Kim!

Uhmanduh 4 years ago

I watched did this class first before trying any of Kim's classes and I come back to it every once in a while, especially when I've been out of practice for a bit. Yes, it's a lot of talking and less in the way of action, but it's important to understand the principles and to revisit them so that you keep them in mind throughout your regular practice. One should be working towards improving them all the time. This class shouldn't be a one-off; it should be revisited every 6 months or so.

kesalmen 5 years ago

I did not particularly enjoy this class and, in fact, stopped it after about 8 minutes. I want my yoga to be calming and relaxing, and there was too much talking for this to be calming and relaxing. After reading the other comments, it is clear that this is a great class. However, I would have to argue that it is not for everyone.

David Procyshyn 4 years ago

Hi, kesalmen. It's a valid comment, but keep in mind that this is not a yoga class, it's pilates. Pilates focuses more on core activation and whole body strength and for that reason it generally requires more specific cueing and a more active approach.
Take care,