Pilates Fundamentals: The Five Principles

Kim Wilson
Instructor Kim Wilson
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Kim has a beautiful way of clearly describing the five principles of pilates. In this class she will take you through each one, teaching you how to incorporate each into your life and showing an exercise you can do to practice them and strengthen the key core muscles.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Pilates, Yoga for Back Care


ouiser 6 years ago

In 2011-2012 I practiced Pilates consistently for over a year. Then a wedding, a move across town and a whole new life put me out of my regular routine and left me searching for a new Pilates studio. Out of practice for the past year, I've returned to Pilates and found this video. Though I was introduced to the five principles previously, I learned some new things from Kim about the positioning of my body in various exercises. Her description of the bungy cords pulling on the hip bones "clicked" with me and I was able to engage my muscles more effectively. Her explanations, instructions and examples are easy to follow and clear. Thanks, Kim!

Suzzann 6 years ago

This video seems like it can help you greatly improve your posture, and it is vital to learn this in order to reduce the likelihood of injury while doing yoga. (Not to mention, tucking your gut in makes you look skinnier!)

Christopher 7 years ago

As a complete newbie, I selected this video for an intro. While I enjoyed Kim's instruction, I also noticed she seemed to assume that her audience was entirely female given her anatomical references. It left me wondering if (a) Pilates is only for women, or (b) if this focus is missing from the description.

stephleest 3 years ago

There is reference to a bra strap, which is later described as "the centre of your back". This shouldn't make you feel as though pilates is only for women, nor that this particular class focuses on women's bodies. For the same reason, Kim's reference to the C1 vertebra shouldn't make you feel like pilates is only for anatomists.

If experiencing gender-bias feels uncomfortable to you, you should count yourself lucky -- for most women, it's a boring routine.

aimeceleste 6 years ago

After seeing your comment about the focus being on females, I paid a lot of attention to her examples. I counted two anatomical references that were gendered - one was to an invisible bra strap, and the other was a general comment about post-pregnancy belly/pelvic muscle changes. The rest of her discussion was about things we all have - regardless of sex - shoulder blades, armpits, and ab muscles, mostly.

I enjoyed the descriptions she gave of different core muscles, and how to contract them appropriately - this was full of really good information!

kdnwbrry 7 years ago

I love the clear, straight-forward instruction in this video. These five principles are hard to master, but Kim's teaching makes them much easier to understand.