Pilates: Level 2 Class 2

Kim Wilson
Instructor Kim Wilson
Average: 4.3 (64 votes)
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Kim ramps it up it a bit for this beginner level two class. She keeps to the fundamental pilates principals as she guides you through exercises that are a bit more challenging than level one. Enjoy!

Equipment: None
Style: Pilates, Yoga for Strength, Yoga for Back Care


Amorous3 7 years ago

I love doing this exercise in the morning. It get me balanced for the rest of the day. Thank you.....

kchancecarter 8 years ago

I had no trouble following the cueing. This is an excellent, short workout that I am sure I will feel tomorrow...and Kim Wilson is so encouraging and sweet-natured! Thanks.

Marcia 8 years ago

I have trouble with the cueing on the video, particularly when I am in positions where I cannot see the screen. The instructor keeps saying "Exhale, inhale" but does not say what positions you are supposed to be in during the breaths and I cannot follow the instructor. For example, there were times during the bridging when my back was on the floor and I found that the instructor's back was lifted up, and vice versa. I also noticed that during side kicks, the instructor was kicking forward and back, although it sounded from her instructions like I was only supposed to kick forward.

It would be better if the instructor simply explained the breathing at the beginning of the exercise, and then during the exercise itself said up, down; right, left; front, back, etc.

As the video is now, I found it very difficult to follow.