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Are you at work, feeling like a good 15 minute stretch would help you get through the day? If so, this office yoga class is a perfect way to energize the body, stretching out the areas of the body that can get so stiff and sore while sitting at a desk for hours. Your spine and shoulders will thank you!


A simple and calming class
rachorse 7 months ago

A simple and calming class with deep but accessible and effective stretches.

Great help for my posture!
Mindful16 11 months ago

Thank you David!
I enjoyed the video and think it will be a great tool to bring it to my office for mid day practice

Stronger back; better posture
ftalcasas 1 year ago

While this sequence was very simple, my back now feels stronger and straighter and it's much easier for me to maintain good posture at my desk.

wonderful opener!
_om_ 2 years ago

David, this is a great heart and shoulder opener. My posture is much improved after allowing myself 15 minutes to be led through this beautiful mid-day sequence. another area to offer additional 15 minutes for the work day would be lower body (unless its here and i missed it). a nice micro-class to work out the tight ITB bands, and help with weak hamstrings. just a suggestion! much love!