Monthly Update - June 2021

Monthly Update - June 2021

With summer here and the COVID restrictions starting to ease off, the thought of returning to a more normal routine is certainly exciting! However, as is often the case, excitement can be accompanied by fear and anxiety. If you, or someone you care about is currently managing anxiety, you may be interested in our brand new 10-part Anxiety Learning Series. The first session is available now and the complete program is live June 7th. This program is absolutely free and available to all. For more information follow the link to the program below. 


Thanks to all of those who have filled out previous surveys. We read all of your answers and adjust our plans based on them.

DoYogaWithMe PollAs we head into June and our busiest four months of filming, we would like to hear from you!

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Daily Dose 30-Day Yoga Challenge

This 30-day intermediate yoga challenge makes getting a daily dose of yoga accessible by offering a variety of short but invigorating classes. We all know that a little yoga can go a long way, and when we bring yoga into our day everything is improved because of it. This is also a great way to build in a new routine that will allow your practice to be a consistent part of daily life.

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Anxiety: A Learning Series

This FREE special series with David is a collection of ten videos exploring how to accept and manage your anxiety. The first video can be viewed now. See "View Program" below.

To get more context on David's approach, check out his Introduction to the Learning Series, his article How Mindfulness Helped Me Let Go of My Chronic Anxiety and his 21-Day Let Go of Anxiety and Fear Program.

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Mother's Day 2021 Livestreams w/ Fiji McAlpine | DoYogaWithMe

Fiji McAlpine

Difficulty: Intermediate I and Intermediate II


Style: Vinyasa Flow

For Moms & Kids  Just For Mom!


If you missed any of our previous livestreams, or simply just want to do them again, you can find the full classes under Practice > Classes on our homepage.



Upcoming Content

  • Classes from Rachel, Sarada, Melissa, Jonni and Tracey

  • New Anxiety Series with David, launching on June 7th, 2021




DoYogaWiithMe 250 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Alliance Approved

David and Rachel sat down to answer your questions about the DoYogaWithMe Online YTT program on April 9th.

You can watch the recording of the Zoom session via the link below and find out more about the program and whether it is the right choice for you. 

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250-Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training Program 

Join yogis from around the world in our immersive online classroom and study yoga anatomy, cueing, class sequencing, philosophy and more!

For more information about the Yoga Teacher Training, check out our "All You Need To Know" article or our 60-minute YTT Info Webinar.

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Rachel Yoga Teacher Training


Payment Plans are also available for all packages.

Click here and scroll down to YTT Pricing for more information.


    New Level 2 Courses:


    The First Course is Free!

    Our Level 1 Orientation introduces you to how our 250-hour YTT works.

    It's free for everyone so you can begin anytime.

    Level 1 Orientation - Start Now

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    Upcoming Level 1 & 2 Cohorts ($600 USD each):           

    To join Level 1 Certification - Sep 6/21 Cohort, click here.

    To join Level 2 Certification - Sep 6/21 Cohort, click here.


    If you would like to join both Level 1 and 2 as a package, click here to view our options.


    Past Cohorts ($600 USD each):

    Level 1 Certification - Jan 11/21 Cohort

    Level 2 Certification - Jan 11/21 Cohort



    If you are not currently enrolled in the DoYogaWithMe Online Teacher Training, or are on the fence about whether the program is a good fit for you, check out what some of our alumni are saying about the program!

    From Our Students



    Gift of Gratitude Yoga Retreat | Fiji McAlpine @ The HollyHock Retreat Center
    Sep 2 - Sep 7, 2021
    Grounded and Grateful Yoga Retreat | Melissa Krieger @ The Mar De Jade Wellness Resort
    Jan 9 - Jan 16, 2022


    Embrace The Edge Yoga Retreat | Fiji McAlpine @  @ The Mar De Jade Wellness Resort
    Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2022
    Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico
    Note: This retreat is sold out! Add yourself to the waiting list through our Contact Us page. 
    Heart and Soul Yoga Retreat | Tracey Noseworthy @ The Mar De Jade Wellness Resort
    Mar 12 - Mar 19, 2022
    Note: This retreat is sold out! Add yourself to the waiting list through our Contact Us page. 
    DoYogaWithMe Yoga Teacher Training Level 4 Yoga Retreat Rachel Scott @ The Mar De Jade Wellness Resort
    Mar 26 - Apr 6, 2022

    Gentle Yoga | 45 min | Beginner I
     Instructor: Melissa Krieger
    Relax and release tension in the back, shoulders and neck in this slow-flow class from Melissa. This practice is also helpful for dissipating headaches that are related to tension. 
    Hands Free: Kick Your Asana, Part I
    Hatha Yoga | 27 min | Intermediate I
    Instructor: Rachel Scott
    Join Rachel for this hands free practice that explores lunges and twists. Ideal for yogis working with wrist, elbow or shoulder injuries. 

    Shoulder Mobility
    Yoga Therapy | 20 min | Intermediate I
    Instructor: Josh Chen
     Open up the shoulders and strengthen the shoulder girdle in this gentle and thoughtful rehabilitative practice from Josh

    Vinyasa Yoga | 38 min | Intermediate II
    Instructor: Tracey Noseworthy
    Explore standing balance postures and intentional transitions in this vinyasa flow practice from Tracey. She encourages your curiosity as you ground yourself and calm your mind.


    Prenatal Yoga for Pelvic Pain and SPD
    Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga | 26 min | Beginner I
    Instructor: Julia Crouch
    This prenatal yoga class is specifically sequenced to address symphsis pubic dysfunction, or SPD, that is commonly experienced during pregancy. Julia guides you in strengthening the pelvic floor while releasing the lower back. 
    Slow Flow | 57 min | Beginner II 
                        Instructor: Melissa Krieger
    Join Melissa for this whole body slow-flow practice that pays special attention to the core throughout.  
    Hands Free: Kick Your Asana, Part II
    Hatha Yoga | 26 min | Intermediate I
    Instructor: Rachel Scott
     Rachel continues the hands free fun in part two with a variety of standing hip openers. 
    Pilates: Booty Boost
    Pilates | 28 min | Intermediate II
    Instructor: Julia Crouch
    Connect with the breath and make your bottom the top priority in this glute-centric pilates practice from Julia. 
    Cultivate Connection
    Vinyasa Yoga | 41 min | Intermediate III
    Instructor: Fiji McAlpine
    Strengthen your connection to your intuition in this intermediate vinyasa class with Fiji that unifies the body, breath and mind via coninuous flow. 


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