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A Mother's Day Livestream for Moms and Kids with Fiji McAlpine - May 9 @930am PST

Intermediate I

This livestream yoga class took place on Sunday, May 9th.

Description: Fiji leads a short and fun yoga class with her friend, Dakota. This is a class you can do with your kids.

This Mother’s Day we would like to honour and acknowledge the incredible Mothers in our DoYogaWithMe community. This past year has taken parenting to a whole new level that required more effort, patience and resilience. We want to fill your cup and nourish you on this special day; it is an opportunity for the nurturer to be nurtured!



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jenna audrey
jenna audrey
May 9, 2021

This was so wonderful! Thanks Fiji and Dakota! Unfortunately my little one is 2 and a little to high energy to handle chill yoga with mummy just yet haha but I felt his presence haha. Happy Mothers day mamas! <3