Melt Into Gratitude

Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Yoga for Anxiety/Stress
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No one encourages surrender and sincere gratitude within a yoga class like Nicky Jones. Her sweet, direct honesty and gentle, nurturing flow make this one-hour experience complete bliss.


Very good class - relaxing
Jagomez1952 1 year ago

Very good class - relaxing and helpful at opening the body. Thank you.

Just What I Needed Today
kaeman 1 year ago

This class was the perfect antidote to an emotional previous day. Thank you Nicky.

I feel amazing after this
erikag420 1 year ago

I feel amazing after this practice, thank you so much for taking the time to create this video. I enjoyed the vocal guidance through each pose I was coaxed into a deeper stage of relaxation.

SteveMo 1 year ago

Super long and relaxing intro which is great after a long day at work. Poses are held for longer than average which for me is genius. Overall I totally enjoyed this practice from Nicky. I'll definitely be heading here again :)

I'm all about relaxing, etc..
Txpb 1 year ago

I'm all about relaxing, etc.....but this was way to long for the beginning of the class.
Quit after 8 1/2 minutes.

Thank you :)
rekkoyika 2 years ago

I really enjoyed this practice. Calm and relaxing. Thank you for the good vibrations :)

Use Your Imagination
lianafelice 2 years ago

I thought this class was wonderful. I even find myself giggling just like Melisa. I've read comments about the audible breathing, but I simply pretended it was the ocean and everything was fine. ☺

I couldn't even make it
chiclilbrokegirl 2 years ago

I couldn't even make it through ten minutes (not counting the beginning "warm up meditation" ten minutes, which I skipped) because of the audible breathing. I've enjoyed other videos with audible breathing on dywm, but the audio level in the video, or volume level on her mic, was just too much, and there was no way I could enjoy my practice and relax. I tried even adjusting my computer audio settings, to no avail.