Meditation 101

Nyk Danu
Instructor Nyk Danu
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Starting a meditation practice can be really daunting but it doesn’t have to be. In this practice, Nyk explains what meditation is and isn’t, and how simple it is to get started with a grounding meditation practice. Note: You may want to have a bolster, block, cushion or blanket to sit on.

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This can either be done as a stand-alone class or as Day 11 of Grounding and Strength 14-Day Beginner Yoga Challenge.

Equipment: Block, Blankets
Style: Guided Meditation, Yoga for Anxiety/Stress


oakhazel 1 month ago

Thank you. I thought the metaphor of the 2 years old was a beautiful choice - for who doesn't have love and understanding for such an innocent and natural occurrence - I will use this picture from now on.

SABurgess 2 months ago

Really enjoyed this - thanks Nyk - I'm doing the 14 day challenge and nearly skipped this - so glad that I didn't

Eleanor Heaphy 3 months ago

Thank you!! A peaceful ending to the day much needed at this time. A suggestion: sitting in a chair may be necessary for some of us older participants!! My knees don't like sitting cross-legged for too long!!

Nyk Danu 2 months ago

Yes a chair is a great option. I made a video here on DYWM called ‘How to sit’
That goes through a bunch of options including a chair. You might find it helpful.
Thanks for meditating with me

AlidaMB 3 months ago

peaceful - thank you. Loved occasional birdsong in background