Kundalini Yoga for the Throat Chakra

Dawn Rabey
Instructor Dawn Rabey
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Clear the way for resonating your truth, direct communication, and full self-expression with this gentle Kundalini Yoga class for the throat (vishudda) chakra. Stimulate your thyroid and parathyroid glands to regulate your temperature and cellular metabolism. A powerful pranayama for addiction is included.

Equipment: Block
Style: Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama Yoga


zeecee 1 year ago

I use these Kundalani classes as chakra prescriptions. If I notice there's an imbalance, I'll choose one of Dawn's classes that will offer support to the appropriate chakra.

llamatours 3 years ago

Thank you so much for this class! It's exactly what I need.

bridgetcrave 3 years ago

I am wondering if there is a recommended time of day to do this practice? Does it matter?

Deborah Lilly 3 years ago

I'm wondering if I can do this before bed? Would you please write out the mantras so I can join in. Thanks - interesting practice! I am wanting to be able to project my voice on stage, and it might help.