Jumping Forward: A Tutorial

Jumping Forward: A Tutorial

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Instructor Rachel Scott
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In this five minute tutorial, Rachel shares her favorite tips and tricks for safely making the jump from downward facing dog to the front of the mat.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Dog, cat, bird
Mhare 3 months ago

Perfect cueing... I felt light and ready to fly

All the animals!
Rachel Scott 2 months ago

So pleased to hear that this tip worked for you!
It made such a different in my own practice when it was taught to me :)

terkalin 6 months ago

I love this tutorial!!! Dog, cat, bird!! I will keep practicing with these tips. It doesn't help I am overweight apple shaped and must always have a knee blanket down but I admired some beatutiful fat pelicans off the Florida gulf coast last week, so have much hope!! Thank you so much.

Oh God, this made me laugh! I
ImyourMatahari 4 months ago

Oh God, this made me laugh! I'm in the same boat, haha. :)

Great tips!
PeacefulRN 6 months ago

Thanks, Rachel for your confidence-inspiring cues! I'm glad to have some solid guidance as I work towards floating towards the top of my mat.

Some handy hints!
Ored 6 months ago

This is something I find super difficult, despite having the arm strength and flexibility. The tips and demos should help - thanks Rachel!

Dog- Cat- Bird
unclejuice19 6 months ago

Thank you Rachel. I especially appreciate the positive, helpful attitude.

Very helpful mini tutorial.
Irishlove 6 months ago

This is an incredibly helpful tutorial that shows how mini adjustments can be the difference between thumping and learning to gently hop between the hands and then even forward into more postures. Thank you. Namaste from Ireland.