Hatha Yoga for Better Digestion

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
Average: 4.8 (26 votes)
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Full of yummy deep twists, this challenging beginner yoga class helps to massage the internal organs and encourage healthy digestion. Other movements are integrated with the twists, such as spinal flexion and extension. Rachel spends a lot of time helping you learn how to rotate purely from the spine so that you can make the most of each pose.

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


kimchi 3 months ago

Nice class, my stomach feels noticeably better than before.

gloonie1 1 year ago

I usually LOVE Rachel's classes, and her instruction is excellent. In this class, however, I found the pace a little too rapid-fire, and the instructions were not a clear as they could be. This is especially important with twists, since you can't always look to the screen. Full disclosure: I also found the leap to the last balancing posture difficult.

monicamorin8 1 year ago

Beautiful way to start the New Year. Great Q,s slow and steady. Love it.

Fawnglen 1 year ago

I started beltching 10 min into the class! Thats how effective it is!
I really love the new classes from Rachel . Well i loved the old ones too. But i feel the new ones really dig into the details of poses. After nearly 3 years using this website and practicng quite a lot. I now more and more understand the importance of doing simple poses correctly. Exactly what Rachel offers here.

ChristieG 1 year ago

An enjoyable class and perfectly guided. I would say more to the Intermediate side than Beginner with some poses.

oakhazel 1 year ago

Thank you Sarah, a very enjoyable class. Great instructions and so much more mindful without the music. The pace was peaceful, not too fast and not too slow.