Establishing Core Strength II

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This class follows Establishing Core Strength I (subscriber-only video) and furthers your understanding of establishing a core connection, strengthening that core connection and using it to move your arms and legs with strength and stability. You will also spend some time stretching the muscles that often limit mobility, such as the hips, hips flexors and hamstrings. You can do this class without the first, but it will help you understand core activation better if you do Establishing Core Strength I first.


Mozie 2 months ago

Thank you for the informative practice and the wise words you shared at the end.
Always best to teach from the heart even while being videotaped. I felt the love.

Kristinelsa 4 months ago

I haven't done yoga in forever and now I have terrible sciatic pain. My doctor suggested that I get back into yoga to help. This is my first class and it was the perfect pace for me.

Looks easy but...
Virgo Sun 4 months ago

... Felt strenuous as! I have been away from yoga for ages due to lower back injury. Now im stiff and inflexible with a weak core. I loved this session... Felt amazing, with interesting movements and the teacher is so calming. I'm inspired thanks!

Thanks for this great class!
Sybille 4 months ago

Thanks for this great class! My only objection is the music during parts of the stretches end the relaxation. I'd rather just hear David's calm voice and breath, the sound disturbs me.

New Beginners
jkenk 4 months ago

Long time ago I wanted to learn yoga but so not flexible myself I still wanted to learn. I found your websites which allowed me to experience this. Frankly - that was a very great experience - your video is excellent and so relaxing and so easy to follow. Thank you so much for letting me part of this.