Energy and Intention

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This practice invites us to bring a devotional quality to the energy and intentions within the class. When we consciously put purpose into each movement and gesture, we open ourselves to being fully present and involved in the practice as it unfolds. It also allows us to embrace the benefits of our practice on multiple levels. This intermediate flow incorporates the use of mudras to allow for that heightened state of presence and purpose.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Fiji at the right time
Kabarattini 3 months ago

I've been using this yoga platform for nearly 9 years. It has been such an incredible way to practice no matter where I am in the world and for that I am truly grateful. For years I only did classes from David as most of his classes were Hatha and it was perfect for me in those earlier years of my twenties. Now, I find myself truly resonating with the way Fiji teaches and I honestly didn't think that would happen and I'm so grateful it did. Shoots dude, its incredible how through a screen I honestly feel and therefore know you care so much about those folks all around the world following your patient practice. Its a humility that I find deeply engaging and real. Thank you so much. All of you, not just Fiji and David. Y'all are a gift.

Thank you for being open!
Fiji McAlpine 3 months ago

I can't tell you how many times the right teacher has shown up at the right time. My long time teacher and friend often reminds me that when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. I really believe that our practice is an evolution, or part of our own evolution. That being the case, how we practice and who we learn from changes over time. I am honored that you have practiced with us for so many years and that you can sense how much I care about what I am sharing. I feel incredibly lucky to share my own journey of learning and evolvement through the classes here!

Himalaya V 4 months ago

Thank you, Fiji, for this profound practice where the body and the spirit meet in a perfect harmony

Energy for the day
jerridot 5 months ago

Excellent--just what my body and mind needed today. Thank you!

This was an amazing session!
carrie31 5 months ago

This was an amazing session! THANK YOU Fiji! I look forward to tim spent hearing your voice and wisdom - it is the best therapy and healing for my heart and soul Much love and gratitude!

Calm and peaceful
tsailinda 5 months ago

The background sound of ocean ripples helps to bring attention to mind and soul. Your classes always bring tranquility to my mind afterwards. Thank you.

Shiva-Shakti Intention
Melanie Lichtinger 5 months ago

Wonderful intentionality and consistent awareness throughout.
Loved this mudra / devotional practice - helped me balance out these two aspects - and 'even' sided of my body.
Thank you Fiji! Amazing how much creativity you bring to the classes!

Excellent class
aw9918 5 months ago

Great class- challenges balance and strength.

feminine vs masculine
denaj707 6 months ago

Could not get past opening breathing with focus on "soft" feminine side and "strong" masculinity. I realize this may be set in centuries old practice but today those gender stereotypes are hurtful and outdated.

A good point to consider
Fiji McAlpine 5 months ago

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, you are right concepts of masculine and feminine are deep rooted and looking at and challenging them is very important in this day and age. I will consider wording my intention more clearly around this, a great challenge for me as a teacher which I welcome. The intention here is the understand that within each of us exists the two dynamic and complimentary energies of Shiva and Shakti. There is a need to be strong and take action sometimes ,and the necessity to be soft and nurturing at other times. You are correct that a gender is not needed to describe those qualities and I will be mindful of that in the future.