Connection: Energy

Beginner I
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In the fifth class of this 5-class series, you will be connecting, feeling and moving the energy in your body. David’s clear guidance and choice of breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises will help you clear energetic blockages, feeling lighter, less tired and more energized.


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  • Strap


  • Slow Flow
September 16, 2023

Amazing short class. Really was preparing my body for the day, and also I did this as a warm up for my next class I'll take, a Kundalini yoga. I like to do hatha before Kundalini as it prepares me for the breath work and meditation more.

September 2, 2023

Powerful class - packs a lot in to the time and super energising and positive. First class I have done from the series - but definitely going to check out the others, particularly liked David’s chat on connectivity at the end - positive and affirming

August 5, 2023

Haven't done the series, but just found this energy building class after a week of being sick. A great way back into my yoga practice. <<Roar>>- just what I needed this morning. I'm going to check out the entire series.

Gilly Vanilly
August 2, 2023

With 30 degrees in the shade I wasn't feeling to energetic but this class was a super fix to bring back my energy and move on with my day. Thank you so much David, Namaste Gillian