Breathe Better: The Side Body Class

Intermediate I
While yoga can promote full-body opening and strengthening, one area that tends to get neglected is the side body! In this class, Rachel helps you open and strengthen your lateral body. Opening your side body can promote better rib mobility, increased breath support, and lower back relief.


Existing Comments

February 11, 2021

I am OBSESSED with this class! Rachel, you are incredible. As an opera singer who has now been practicing regular yoga and gaining flexibility in my chest/side body for almost a year (thanks to you, DYWM), I sometimes have trouble opening up my intercostals/ribs and getting those super deep breaths that I need for my job. This class has changed that for me. I now do this class before singing if I need to find that space... works every time! Thank you!!!

Rachel Scott
February 11, 2021

Erin, that's wonderful!!! I love this! And I sooo appreciate your craft. I am a (VERY amateur) opera singer, with just enough skill to have a deep appreciation for the work that you do! So great to connect with you~

Foxy Roxi
July 20, 2020

Thank you Rachel this is a wonderful class. I tend to store my emotions in my head, thinking through my experience more than feeling which is why yoga is great for me. I will carry the lightness I feel in my head throughout the day. Namaste.

July 10, 2020

Rachel is such a great guide and this will surely open your sides. She also gives options for beginner to advance yogis.

June 19, 2020

recovering from contracting covid and have been doing your videos to recuperate. Thank you for this

May 10, 2020

Oh wow! This class delivers as promised! Such incredible stretches. I love Rachel's classes. Thank you.

Linda Sanmiya
April 24, 2020

Absolutely fabulous class, Rachael. Love your soft spoken instructions. Side body feels so much better after this class. Thank you. Linda (Collingwood, on)

Himalaya V
April 19, 2020

Thank you Rachel, I feel so open, I believe I can fly!

April 13, 2020

EXCELLENT class. I felt throughout that you were designing it just for me! Your classes often get energy moving into the little nooks and crannies that don't move otherwise. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and your invitations to go deeper. Namaste.

April 11, 2020

Although I enjoyed this class I got very confused in places. Sometimes we were doing exactly what Rachel was doing that is right leg bent and at others we were doing what she said but mirroring what she was doing. This made it very confusing if we looking at Rachel to see what she was doing but being told to do the opposite.

November 7, 2019

Thank you! I had lung surgery in January and have been looking for a good stretch/expansion practice for the scar tissue along my rib cage/side body/abs, to address the residual tightness. And obviously for my breath! I think this will help immensely. It also gets at the historical tightness in my left hip. Yow! Good stuff!

October 30, 2019

Thank you! I've missed you. This was lovely, my body thanks you too.

October 4, 2019

Hey Rachel! Thanks for this class! My mode of transportation is biking and it felt so good stretching out my side body, I think I might have grown an inch! :D

September 30, 2019

Rachel always provides detailed instructions which are so beneficial so I can get the most out of a pose/class.
This class was definitely a "feel good" practice and it is interesting how the various poses provide many ways to get into the side body to stretch and length it. You won't be disappointed.

September 26, 2019

Another class I'll do regularly. All those good pops, cracks from the excellent spine, side and butt stretches. YUM.
When the instructors say "go from thinking to feeling", for me it's the tap on the shoulder to shut my busy little mind cabinets, be in my body, and get ready to feel the yoga.
Thank you Rachel, thank you Do Yoga With Me!

Melanie Lichtinger
September 24, 2019

Great Class!
The one thing I keep noticing is Rachel and other teachers keep suggesting: Change from thinking to feeling.
That doesn't work for me and makes me feel irritated ha-ha, since it's rather sensing the body. Feelings are emotions...