Breathe Better: The Side Body Class

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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While yoga can promote full-body opening and strengthening, one area that tends to get neglected is the side body! In this class, Rachel helps you open and strengthen your lateral body. Opening your side body can promote better rib mobility, increased breath support, and lower back relief.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga


OperaticErin 5 months ago

I am OBSESSED with this class! Rachel, you are incredible. As an opera singer who has now been practicing regular yoga and gaining flexibility in my chest/side body for almost a year (thanks to you, DYWM), I sometimes have trouble opening up my intercostals/ribs and getting those super deep breaths that I need for my job. This class has changed that for me. I now do this class before singing if I need to find that space... works every time! Thank you!!!

Rachel Scott 5 months ago

Erin, that's wonderful!!! I love this! And I sooo appreciate your craft. I am a (VERY amateur) opera singer, with just enough skill to have a deep appreciation for the work that you do! So great to connect with you~

Foxy Roxi 1 year ago

Thank you Rachel this is a wonderful class. I tend to store my emotions in my head, thinking through my experience more than feeling which is why yoga is great for me. I will carry the lightness I feel in my head throughout the day. Namaste.

sng4ever 1 year ago

Rachel is such a great guide and this will surely open your sides. She also gives options for beginner to advance yogis.

ElisseAV 1 year ago

recovering from contracting covid and have been doing your videos to recuperate. Thank you for this

Daniellefant 1 year ago

Oh wow! This class delivers as promised! Such incredible stretches. I love Rachel's classes. Thank you.

Linda Sanmiya 1 year ago

Absolutely fabulous class, Rachael. Love your soft spoken instructions. Side body feels so much better after this class. Thank you. Linda (Collingwood, on)