Balance for Beginners

Anastasia Hangemanole
Instructor Anastasia Hangemanole
Average: 4.5 (35 votes)
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This class explores balance, on the hands, feet, knees and hips, and in the mind. Anastasia's guidance encourages you to let go of expectations and embrace falling, if it happens, since it's an important life lesson. She also works into the hips, back and hip flexors, to round out a nicely paced, fun class.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


jen westbrook 1 year ago

Everything about this class was achievable for most beginners while still activating lots of core and leg balancing muscles. The crow pose didn't really fit the beginner theme of the class nor the flow, in my opinion. Still a great class, next time i'll just sub in my own stretches for the last part of the class.

ama1031 2 years ago

Grace. I needed that for crow pose, but thank you for having us practice! I at least got into it and one foot off the ground :)

Johnnyk 2 years ago

sometimes I cannot see how you get yourself into that crow position but it is fun having a go...thank you

Linz Mac 2 years ago

Loved this class and my balance is slowly improving with only a few wobbles in 2nd stage Tree. :)) However, I found the side crow very challenging as my co-ordination needs improving just to get into the position! I fell over a few times, but it was fun and found myself laughing at my feeble attempts but I will persevere!! :)) Thank you Anastasia for making balancing fun.

Anastasia Hange... 2 years ago

I love hearing when people have fun with movement in this way - keep at it Linz! When you finally get it you will feel so amazing!

JudithAnne 3 years ago

Your tip about accepting the micromovements in the body, even welcoming them, is very helpful to me. I was teetering around as usual, tensing up to keep from falling, and suddenly I relaxed and let myself sway a little and everything popped into focus. I feel like I had a real breakthrough with balance, which has always been a problem for me and does not get easier with age. I encourage everyone to give this class a try. :)

Anastasia Hange... 3 years ago

I am so happy to hear this Judith! Yes, isn't funny how we have this expectation of ourselves that we should be fully still in balance poses?

Jolivay 3 years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I have practiced yoga for a while and found this class introduced me to new feelings of balance and alignment.

Margarete 3 years ago

Thank you. I especially loved the firefly and the tips on the stages of tree pose. Thank you Namaste

Cypress23 3 years ago

I really enjoyed this class, including a much more graceful side crow!