Ashtanga Half Primary Series

Jenni Pritchard
Instructor Jenni Pritchard
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This is a great transition class from beginner ashtanga to the full primary series. In this class, Jenni guides you, along with four of her senior students, through her version of the half primary series. Please note that this class moves quickly, so be prepared to flow!

Equipment: None
Style: Ashtanga Yoga


Jessica McConville 3 years ago

Marichyasana B repeated, I thought I was imagining it...ooops. Otherwise, very good half primary class. Thank you.

naturally_crystal 5 years ago

I thoroughly enjoy having this class as a guide for my at home ashtanga practice. Many thanks to you Jenni for creating this free online class!

Yoga_gal216 5 years ago

I wish you'd had the hip openers, I remember at the studio I'd go to they'd do splits stretches. If you do make another Ashtanga video, please add that! It's an awesome video, almost like being at my old studio. Thanks!

Lorilai 5 years ago

I appreciated your transition talk - letting me know the things that were highlighted in the beginner class. Even though I've done this practice before, I do need to go back to basics to feel more comfortable at this level. I liked the flow. I'd rather you didn't join in though, but kept instructing and pointing things out. Its not necessary for the instructor to join in to engage the audience; that is what the models are there for. I'm looking to you for more tips and instruction based on the models you put in front of me - when you are doing it, you become the focus instead of your audience. I learned this from public speaking presentations. Make the audience the super hero - you are there to serve them.

SParent13 5 years ago

Jenni, love this one. I bought this video so I could bring it to the cottage with me and keep practicing through the holidays. Am so looking forward to the full led primary series. Would be so appreciated!

Smootheries 5 years ago

I love this video and it has been my morning practice every time I can't go to the shala for a few weeks now. The only thing that is not perfect is that Marichyasana B is done twice on the left side, so you end up to be out of phase with the video at the end if you want to skip the second time (or you have to fast forward the video) !
I'm looking forward to the full primary series !

claireburker 6 years ago

Jenni, this class is so great! I have just started practicing Ashtanga regularly, and I just love this half primary flow... it is the perfect way for me to get used to the Ashtanga method. I do notice that when I'm jumping through after vinyasa, my right shoulder is bothering me in the socket, it's a sharp pain. Any suggestions? Perhaps I am just putting too much pressure of my right side and not distributing my weight evenly.

Thank you!